The new Audi A1 is here, and it’s so angry

The new Mini Audi promises a lot of technology and good driving. fingers interlaced

The smallest Audi is bigger than ever. He is angry. very angry. We’re told that those three slits above the massive grille are a tribute to the ’84 Sport Quattro – the car that the A1 shares literally nothing Except for the four rings on his nose. Maybe that’s what he’s getting angry at…sarcastic marketing.

In any case, the reason for this bigness is the new platform – the same “MQB A0” element that powers the Seat Ibiza, Arona and Volkswagen Polo. The new A1 is about the height of the car it replaces, but it is about six centimeters longer and three wider. The wheelbase is nine centimeters long, giving plenty of liters of boot (335) and a few millimeters of rear legroom. We sat in the back, and we can confirm that unless you’re abnormally leggy, you’ll be fit.

Engines are normally shared as well. Since launch, there are three cars—all petrol, none paired with Quattro AWD. Now, anyway. The least powerful is a 1.0-liter three-cylinder, and it will be available with either 94 or 114 bhp (the latter is probably the most popular engine in the UK). In keeping with Audi’s puzzling naming strategy – basically, the higher the number, the more you like – you’ll get the 25 and 30 TFSI badges.

The 35 TFSI has a 1.5-liter 148-hp engine and cylinder deactivation, so under light load it can deactivate two of its four cylinders to improve fuel economy. Even the inevitable S1 (or RS1? We can only dream…), the faster and more powerful A1 – the only 40 TFSI automatic – packs 197 horsepower out of its 2.0-liter (engine-derived) four-cylinder engine used in cars VWs, Skodas, and Quick Seats). We’ve tried all of these motors on other VAG products – and none in between. good news.

As for handling, Audi promises a lot. He told us that the new A1 is “the sportiest car in its class”, and that it will provide “agile handling” and a “balanced driving experience”. Three suspension options will be available – two levels of stiffness, as well as convertible dampers. A load of driver assistance systems borrowed from larger Audis should keep you upright and tight.

Audi’s interiors are great, if you’re the type to see morning coms as another opportunity to run a errand a job. The A1 has all the tech – like the new MMI touchscreen infotainment system (with just one, not two like on the big Audis) and Virtual Cockpit – but since Audi guys buy more than anything else, everything is a little brighter. And a little hotter. The yellow car we had a poke around (and that’s pictured here) has sleek upholstery and color-matched trim. We love her so much Having said that, it remains to be seen how a more modest and more realistic look she would look like.

The same is true from the outside. This is an aggressive little car as we’ve seen for a long time. Audi says it’s not meant to be “retro, round or cute”. In these specs, we think it looks pretty smart, although you might not agree with it. that’s good. Tell us in the comments. We reserve the final judgment until we see one on little wheels, without all the peeling.

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