The Nest Hub Max gets a new fuchsia color starting today

What you need to know

  • Google Fuchsia is rolling out the Nest Hub Max in small batches starting today.
  • The operating system first arrived in the first generation of the Nest Hub last year.
  • Visually and practically, the Nest Hub Max should remain largely the same as it was before the update

Although the Nest Hub Max has been around since 2019, that doesn’t mean Google is still working on keeping it updated. Since the release of the original Google Home Hub in 2018, all other first-party smart displays have used the software’s Cast OS. That was until last year, when the Nest Hub was the first to receive the update for Fuchsia OS – today, the Nest Hub Max is the second.

According to 9to5Google, the new operating system will begin rolling out today and is aimed at Nest Hub Max users who are currently enrolled in the preview program. Even among these users, OTA will be on a slow path. When we asked Google for clarification on the rollout, the response was that Fuchsia “will begin migrating to the Nest Hub Max starting today. Users can see if they’re using Fuchsia by checking their device settings. The team expects this to be a faster rollout than the previous migration” .

(Image credit: Chris Wedel / Android Central)

If the operating system known as Fuchsia doesn’t sound very familiar, don’t worry. The program was fairly quiet during its development, without any major events or display of the operating system. Google also told us, “Fuchsia is a long-term project to create a general-purpose open source operating system, and we’ve been developing it for years. This is part of those ongoing efforts.” You can find more information about fuchsia at

As it stands today, the only available user-facing experience will be on the Nest Hub. Even then, unless you research the software your device is running – you’ll never know the difference between Cast OS and Fuchsia.

This is because visually and the way users interact with fuchsia is the same as it was before the update. According to Google, “There is no impact on the user experience, and the update will come as a standard device update. Also, there is no impact for developers targeting Nest Hub devices.”

With any luck, we hope the update goes smoothly, given the additional camera hardware found on the Nest Hub Max. As one of the best smart speakers around, we hope that when it comes time to change your Nest Hub Max to fuchsia, you’ll never notice.

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