The Most Satisfying 10-Year-Old Midsize Sedans and Large Cars According to Consumer Reports

As new car prices continue to surge, more people are looking at used cars to meet their needs. Also, the demand for new and used SUVs is greater than ever, leaving a class of undervalued 10-year-old midsize sedans and large cars. But how do you pick the most satisfying cars in each segment? 

The most satisfying midsize sedans

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Consumer Reports (CR) published a list of the most satisfying 10-year-old midsize sedans and large cars based on input from actual vehicle owners. They included the 2012 Toyota Camry on the list due to its highly rated reliability, its performance on the road, and 27 mpg fuel economy. In addition, a 2012 Camry falls in the $10,850 to $13,050 price range.

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