The most famous interior trends for summer 2022, according to an expert

It’s time to update our homes (Credits: Unsplash/Penny Young/Henry Co.)

Summer is finally here, and while this new season marks the influx of buying new clothes and booking vacations – updating your interiors should be next on your list.

Making sure your wardrobe is updated and kept in time for the warm and mild months is crucial if you’re a fashion follower, so why should this be any different for your home?

A new sofa or a patterned rug, an antique floor lamp or shelving unit, or even a complete change of theme – it’s time to improve things in our homes.

As more people start thinking about updating their interior style for the new season, we thought it would be helpful to talk you through the trends that are set to dominate interior magazines this year.

Jacobs & Dalton, a luxury online retailer of sheepskins, has listed 10 popular home interior trends to watch out for and incorporate into your home this summer.

From natural materials to pops of color, geometric designs and Scandinavian-inspired décor, there is something for everyone to join in.

natural materials

Wood, stone and straw are all in fashion this summer.

Whether you’re choosing a wicker coffee table or a small set of rattan on your patio – it’s a big trend to note.

James Waylett revealed: “Slat panels are becoming a huge trend, and we expect this to not only be a huge trend for summer 2022, but also to move into 2023.”

The most important interior trends for summer 2022

Naturals are a hit this season (credits: Benny Young Photography)

simplified designs

Clean lines and simple shapes might appeal to you, and if they are, sticking to a minimalist approach might be on your street.

“The minimalist style perfectly complements the first trend of natural materials, as both work in perfect harmony with each other,” says James, who also expects the trend to continue for a while.

Pops of color

After this year’s obsession with dopamine clothing and dopamine décor, we’re still obsessed with color.

If you’re like us looking to bring some color into your home, consider bright rugs, colorful prints, and bold hues in interesting textures.

“This style may seem completely antithetical to the first two, but using it right, using small pops in a small space can add a lot of character,” James explains.

If you are too afraid to get the paint off, start with smaller accessories that can be changed easily.

“If you’ve been a part of the all-gray trend for a while, this may seem a little intimidating, but there’s no better time than summer to start having fun and injecting pops of color into your home and life.”

The most important interior trends for summer 2022

The pops will give your home a boost (Credits: Steve Wilson/Unsplash)

outdoor living

When the sun shines, we all want to make the most of warmer weather by spending more time outdoors, in our gardens, and on our balconies.

Ensuring that our outdoor spaces are full of flair, character and inviting features will make entertaining friends and family a breeze this summer.

James believes this is the perfect time of year to start investing in our gardens, and this can be done by purchasing versatile mini kits, outdoor accessories and one-of-a-kind solar lighting.

He recommends continuing the directions from the inside of your home into your garden “for an ultra-modern and luxurious outdoor living space.”

botanical prints

We’ve dealt with indoors and outdoors, but what about bringing the outdoors indoors?

“This trend is perfect for summer and you can have a lot of fun incorporating it into your home to make it feel like a tropical paradise,” says James.

He adds that if you have a small space, you should take full advantage of adding botanical prints to add color and drama.

Whether you bring plants into your living room, or choose a bedding set with a tropical print – it’s never been so easy.

The most important interior trends for summer 2022

The plants are great too (Credits: Henry Co/Unsplash)

geometric patterns

Some might say geometric patterns are a bit dated, but James says otherwise.

He revealed that the hashtag #Geometricpatterns is seeing huge traction on Instagram, with over 53,000 posts already and it’s on the rise.

“We expect people to use these bold and fun patterns to fully express the joy of the first summer without restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic,” he adds.

industrial style

If you love the look of exposed brick and metal fixtures, then the industrial trend will be for you.

“This timeless trend is a great option if you want to add instant character and luxury to your home,” says James.

This style is best used in a home that can take the open lifestyle to the extreme and make full use of the exposed brickwork, metal beams, and rustic wood accents throughout.

There’s never been more demand for exposed brick walls – but if you don’t have the luxury of having it in your home, wallpaper can work, too.

mid modern century

If you like a little old wallpaper, you are in luck.

Mid-Century Modern is a trend that incorporates 70’s style with modern features.

Think bright, bold wallpapers, plush velvet sofas, and dark wood furniture.

James reveals: ‘This trend is making a massive comeback in time for summer 2022 and we think it’s going to continue for a while after that.

This style attracts a lot of people because it allows for big variations, whether you choose to adopt a more neutral color palette, opt for more vibrant tones or an eclectic mix of the two, you are sure to execute this style well.

Scandinavian style

Simplicity and practicality are the hallmarks of Scandinavian style, which is why if you’re a fan of elegant spaces, you’ll want to jump on the trend.

The most important interior trends for summer 2022

Getting your decor ready for summer is the next big thing (Credits: Benny Young Photography)

“We usually see this pattern trending in the cooler months but with #scandihome reaching 863,000 posts on Instagram, we think it’s here to stay too in the summer,” James says.

He explains that the trend can be adapted to the warmer months, and recommends swapping out cozy candles for vases filled with brightly colored fresh flowers and replacing neutral-colored pillows for pops of pastel colors, like blush and duck egg blue.

Keep clutter to a minimum and give your walls a fresh look with a coat of white paint. Scandi style is also heavily influenced by nature and bringing the outside in, so make the most of this by embracing the outdoor living trend as well.”

global influences

After two years of isolation, the holidays are re-emerging and people are more invested in the world once again.

Bringing trends from around the world into our homes has never been easier, and this can be done by adding a Moroccan-inspired rug or some Indian-inspired textiles.

James says this is a really fun trend to play with in the summer of 2022, and you can take inspiration from your vacation in the Mediterranean or the tropics and apply it to your home.

“There are endless possibilities depending on where in the world you decide to release creativity.”

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