The Lamborghini Diablo With The Reliability Of An Acura NSX

There are times one car looks like two: think Pontiac Aztek.

But this is different – instead, this is a perfect example of how you mold one car into looking like another because you love one car but can only afford another.

This eBay listing is a Lamborghini Diablo GT replica car, customized by former MLB slugger Jose Canseco who technically could buy a Lamborghini Diablo right off, but preferred to go the Acura NSX way. Here’s the down-low…

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It’s Possible: Melding Two Supercars Into Something Affordable

Technically, the Acura NSX and the Lamborgini Diablo have nothing in common except that they were both mid-engined ‘90s wonders. While the Acura NSX was not exactly cheap, it was way more affordable than the Italian Lamborghini.

The standard Acura NSX came with a 3.0-liter V6, putting out from 270 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque which was cool but nothing compared to the Diablo GT’s V12, which could churn 485 horses and 428 lb-ft torque.

The listing shows the engine to be a V6 so technically, this car is an Acura NSX built to look like a Diablo GT. Its conversion comes from the same expert, who also made the Vaydor; the custom purple Infiniti G35 Coupe Jared Leto’s Joker drove in Suicide Squad.

This seller refuses to call it a kit car because it’s one of a kind. He describes it as: “a 1991 ASPT (which stands for assembled by parts title and is extremely hard to get).”

He also clarifies that while the car shows 12 owners, that’s because of all the parts that went into making it. Three people have owned it, MLB biggie Jose Canseco, an engineer, and then the seller, who is a pilot.

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This Is No Acura NSX, But Neither Is It A Lamborghini Diablo GT

The car is a conversation starter for sure and the seller warns all bidders not to buy it if they don’t like attention.

He says, “If you want an original Diablo, this is not your car. If you want a manual Diablo GT with all the beauty of the original car inside and out, and get parts for cheap (and readily available), and daily drive it… Then this is probably your only opportunity. The Lamborghini Diablo GT is a true unicorn with only 80 ever built and only 72 remaining in existence. As of 2018, there were only 4 in the United States. One recently sold on Sotheby’s for just over $1 million.”

That’s quite a sales pitch and the listing is for $175,000, a reserve not met by the current bids. The current bid is over $125,000 and there are still three days to get this wonderful creation which the owner is selling only because he’s getting another Lamborghini – this time a real one, and is running out of garage space.

Source: eBay

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