The jersey was featured in the new Chevy truck commercial

Few people across the country know that Michigan’s hockey program will have a cameo in Chevrolet’s latest TV ad spotlighting its line of Silverado pickups.

Scott Schlesinger was one of those select few. And the only one in his Michigan office.

The minute-long ad, which began airing Sunday during the NFL Conference Championship games, features the return of Walter, a cat who works like a dog. One scene is set on an ice pond, where Walter and his owner play hockey. When the camera pans to a close-up of the owner, he’s wearing a Michigan State hockey jersey.

Schlesinger said the look came together because of his long history of working with General Motors on behalf of the state of Michigan.

said Schlesinger, athletics sales and marketing director. “They asked me if we’d like to join them. We appreciate our partnership with GM. It’s a great organization and we’re very happy to be a partner with them, so I immediately said, ‘Yes, I’d love to do that.'” “

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