The Horrid Honda Civic is our Lamborghini Aventador at home

There are some pretty impressive replicas of supercars, some of which aren’t even embarrassing to watch. Once again, though, we’re reminded that cars like this are the exception rather than the rule, by a 2009 Honda Civic in Atlanta, Georgia that looks like a Pontiac has an allergic reaction to DMT.

Currently for sale by Autoway of Atlanta, is a Civic LX coupe with over 132,000 miles and a body conversion that looks like the outgoing flagship Lamborghini, the Aventador. I couldn’t find any commercially available Aventador kits for the FG Civic, which might suggest to me that this is a one-time conversion, and expensive at that, given its spacious body, paint and inner workings. Its commissioner has definitely lowered the price of the headlights, although they are certainly not an original Aventador and appear to be aftermarket units of the last generation Toyota Celica.

You don’t get any more Lamborghini in the back than in the face, so instead of a 6.5-liter V12, this Honda still has a 140-hp, 1.8-liter four-cylinder linked to the front wheels by a five-speed automatic. The cabin is marginally more convincing, with a Lamborghini wheel, quilted leather seats, and a bit of Alcantara (yuck) or suede on the door cards and console box. Of course, the fact that the factory plastic dashboard is still displayed limits the Civic’s resemblance to a Lamborghini, as does its rear seat—something the Aventador doesn’t have.

Going back to the chassis, it’s clear that the dimensions of this car are completely wrong, and most of the Aventador’s intakes have been filled. The prominent side skirts don’t make things better, nor do the taillights that look like a bunch of LEDs mounted into a panel behind some acrylic (again, real Lambo parts are pricey). Looking under it weakens the illusion further, as the Honda’s rear subframe is visible below the dummy diffuser. I’m no Adrien Newey, but I doubt this generates any bottom force.

No matter how many times I write about terrible blocks like these, why these cars exist remains a mystery to me. They (almost) never seem like the real thing to fool anyone over the age of four, and the only thing about their driving experience that becomes supercar-like is their horrible vision. Cars like this fail everything I can imagine for it, and you have to pay me $25,000 to be able to see it in one car.

Coincidentally, this is Autoway’s asking price for the car, which has long been on sale by the looks of things – its tentative markings were read in December 2020. The used car market may be out of control, but 25,000 for 130,000 seems to be a mile The Civic that makes you laugh from Cars & Coffee is a bridge too far, even for today’s most desperate used car buyers.

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