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“You will not lie down and be dead”

Head is a 1959 West German science fiction horror film written and directed by Russian-born Victor Trivas and produced by Wolf C. Hartwig (The horrors of spider islandAnd dead sexyAnd blood moon). original title, Die Nackte und der Satantranslates as “the naked and the devil.”

Movie stars: Horst FrankThe dead don’t die; nine tails cat; So sweet and so perverted), Paul Dalk, Karen Kernick, Helmut Schmid, Dieter Ebler – The walking dead castle; slay vampires; Castle Strangler of BlackmoorKurt Müller-Graf, Christian Maybach and Michelle Simon.

Professor Abel (Michel Simon) invented Serum Z, which he used to keep a dog’s severed head alive. Then his crazy assistant Dr. Odd (Horst Frank) used the serum to keep Simon’s head alive after a botched heart transplant.

Meanwhile, Ood also plans to transplant a humpback nurse’s head onto the body of an alcoholic stripper…

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Head Still one of the best entries in the headless body type […] The Germanic influence makes this film all the more interesting and the image of Michele Simon’s disembodied head begging to be separated from its life-giving fluids is a guilty pleasure worth bringing to life from time to time.” DVD Drive

“Total, Head It can even be forgotten. This would likely have made a stronger impression had Horst Frank taken a more superior approach. Yes, the timid approach he took was a solid choice, but there really wasn’t anything else to give the movie character.”

“Michel Simon’s disembodied head portrait combined with expressive ocean scenery courtesy of Hermann Warm Trivas invests in a truly eerie encounter with the horrors of the euro past and present in Germany.” Kinoeye

Although it is clearly not very budget friendly, and is hardly original or well-paced, Head It’s still fun thanks to the great sets, soundtrack and great lead performance from Horst Frank.” Mundo Ezoterica

“The European horror film is filmed in a scene that consists of dead trees, dark corridors, a spooky house in the woods with an eerie futuristic look, a dangerous looking operating room, and creates an infernal Germanic expressive atmosphere. There is frivolous fun that can be…” Movie Reviews World for Ozus

“It blends dark cinematography, noir, expressionism, and exploitation. Atonic music and grotesque sounds spread in the background. Very little blood is shown, but idea There is blood everywhere. You feel like you have entered the realm of crime. Her villain — a dark, selfish scientist with arched eyebrows who manipulates everyone around him — is abhorrent.” David Elroy Goldweber, Claws and saucers

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“A truly bizarre case of medical science fiction by Trivas… the scenes with Simon… reduced to an unusual head are collector’s items.” Phil Hardy (Editor), Aurum Movie Encyclopedia: Science Fiction

Actors and Characters:
Horst Frank… Dr. Brant aka Dr. Odd
Karen Kernick… Schwester Erin Sander
Helmut Schmid… Bert Geiger
Paul Dalk … Commissioner Sturm Police
Dieter Ebler…Paul Lerner
Kurt Mueller Graf … Dr. Walter Burke
Christian Maybach … Stella aka Lily
Michel Simon Michel Simon… Prof. Dr. Abel
Johannes Pozalsky … Butler in the bar “Tam Tam”
Othman Ragheb … Franz Al-Saqi
Maria Stadler… Mrs. Schneider
Barbara Valentine … a dancer in the bar “Tam Tam”

Trans-Lux released the film in the US in 1961. In the UK, it was cut by the BBFC for an “X” certification and released in 1964 by SF Films on double bill with Playgirls and Vampire.

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