‘The Great Giveback’: Fans Design Choices ‘Hate’ By Melissa and Jenna, They Call It ‘Ugly’

Melissa and Gina, an Illinois cousin, help out the social worker this time around after the hit season premiere. However, some of the design options for the new HGTV presenters are being questioned by viewers.

Kadee and Mynor are such a cute couple that the hosts were stunned because they thought they were partnering on a random home remodeling project. Cady, Minor’s wife, recommended him to renovate the house. Cady believes her husband, who works tirelessly with at-risk children in Hollywood, deserves it. She wishes to pay tribute to her husband and be appreciated with the help of Melissa and her cousin Gina.

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Minor comes from a large family of ten brothers and sisters. Amidst this, they had to grow up in abject poverty. Minor had to move from place to place as a child. His parents were alcoholics, which put him and his siblings in foster care. His wife says he could have easily given up and thrown in the towel, leaving him aimless in life, but he didn’t. When things got tough, he didn’t give up and just kept moving forward and persevering. Cady believes that this is why he deserves recognition and appreciation so that others understand how hard he has worked and what he overcame.

Minor is the Program Director at Oasis of Hollywood, a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles, California that loves to instill hope, faith, and promise in marginalized children and teens. He was one of the kids who grew up in the program and received a lot of help. They acted as an announcer for his family, guiding them through the entire scenario. Growing up, Minor felt a lot of anger and resentment, which led him to go down the wrong path for a while. He tries to live by his mother’s last words, “Just try to do good,” and that’s where his heart lies.

Their possessions require a drastic change because it has become a second home for the people they come into contact with, such as teens and children who feel far from their true families. Both Melissa and Gina think their apartment exudes a rough vibe, which contrasts with the kind and friendly couple. Minor reveals his desire to have a bathtub in which he can bathe his body and relax while talking with the determined actors. The duo also admits their admiration for warm hues like moody green and even copper. Minor says his favorite room style is “Mid Century Modern.” Melissa tells the husband that she is going to heat the property and make it a comfortable place to land.

Gina wished for a better closet arrangement for the husband and improved lighting for the space when discussing remodel ideas. Since the couple collects souvenirs, the hosts decided to combine them too, but with something a little unique. They also planned to give the pair a bathtub as a surprise. They called in Brandon from the construction crew to tear down the “multiple” bathrooms and start work on an entirely new bathroom. The goal was to maintain the toilet. They also intend to remove the shelves to make room for a large shower and bathtub.

Melissa and Gina sit with member of the design team, Nicole, in a design studio in Los Angeles, with cocktails in hand, to explore ideas for the adorable young couple. Because the design of the bathroom is unusual, they intend to demolish it and replace it with one large wet room. They work on the tiles to get the mid-century look they desire, which ultimately doesn’t satisfy viewers. They took to social media to express their dissatisfaction with the tile design. One fan wrote: “What’s that wall behind the sink? Besides ugly I mean! #TheGreatGiveback The floor next to the toilet is bad too. WTF?”

Another fan tweeted: “I love floor tiles, but I hate wall tiles! Too busy. #TheGreatGiveback #livetweetcrew #onhgtv”

They also suggest building a black double table so they can work on it. The bedroom in the craftsman’s old Hollywood home seems to lack storage space, so they intend to change the bed to create a system of drawers. Cabinet doors, with their attractive hardware, will create the impression of built-in storage. They’re thinking of customizing Crenza because there’s no longer room for a traditional cupboard. However, the end result was not well received by viewers, with one tweeting: “The DIY adoption is literal… #TheGreatGiveback #livetweetcrew #onhgtv”

They decided to add texture to the walls to accentuate the place. The duo cousin eventually goes to the bathtub and spends time experiencing them by stepping in and experiencing the true sensation. Melissa also decided to sew a lumbar pillow for the newlyweds as a personal touch. She pulls out her school’s sewing machine and sews a pillow case herself. Fans are stunned by the gesture, which has to do with Melissa working on her sewing machine while wearing an Adidas brand. One fan tweeted: “The fact that Melissa McCarthy uses a sewing machine she got in middle/high school while wearing some Adidas products makes me love her even more. Don’t screw it up for me with some info; I don’t want to know. We’re all trouble.”

Tune in on HGTV next Monday at 9 p.m. to see another family’s home remade by The Celebrity Team.

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