The Ford Mustang will debut on September 14th

It’s been a memorable week for muscle car fans, but we can end it on a high note.
Today, Ford confirmed that the seventh-generation Mustang will debut on September 14.

The next generation of the pony will be shown at a special event held as part of the Detroit Auto Show. Ford is inviting Mustang owners across the country to meet with Ford World Headquarters for a trip to Hart Plaza in Detroit for the unveiling of a gala they are calling the “Scramble.”

More questions than answers

And here you ask us questions about the car. we do not know. Nobody does. Ford has been tight-lipped about the next version of the board with its longest name. Automotive news trade publications report that the 2023 pony is “expected to feature EcoBoost V-8 and four-cylinder engines” under the hood. They cite “two people familiar with the plans.” But nothing has been confirmed.

The 1964 Mustang didn’t start the era of muscle cars. Detroit had been making big engines in cars that seemed too small to them for over a decade by then.

But it began a three-way battle still raging between the Mustang, the Chevrolet Camaro, and the Dodge muscle car series currently represented by the Challenger.

Historic muscle car week

This rivalry had an eventful week.

Dodge has unveiled a concept car that aims to propel the powertrain segment into the electric future – the Charger Daytona SRT Concept. Complete with an interpretation of engine noise for the electric age, it attempts to emulate the spirit of a muscle car without a traditional big V8.

The response from fans is divided. Some welcome the approach that can keep their love alive after the climax of internal combustion, while others insist that the electric muscle car is a contradiction.

We haven’t seen any indication that Ford will follow Dodge in its electric muscle car concept with the latest Mustang. However, that could create an exciting new era of rivalry. Ford appears to have pioneered the electric car race among the big three thus far, with its F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck and Mustang Mach-E electric SUV (yes, its a Mustang. No, nobody considers it a Mustang).

Watching muscle car specialists respond to a market where Dodge appears to be the progressive leader, and perhaps Ford and General Motors still championing the classic V8, is great. We’ll know if this is where the future of rivalry lies in about a month.

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