The developer is looking to build the largest residential complex in Burgau

Borgo is still growing as entrepreneurs open new business, but a condominium complex with nearly 200 living rooms, which will be the largest in the city, could be one of the biggest signs of change.

Hawthorne Residential Acquisitions, LLC has received rezoning approval from city officials to continue pre-construction work for 192 multifamily units on 16.8 acres near US 117 Bypass South. The plot of eight three-storey buildings has an area of ​​about 12 football fields. If built, some amenities will include a clubhouse, swimming pool, and parking garages.

Mayor Olivia Dawson said she would be a great addition to the community of more than 4,000 people.

“Offering a pleasant housing option to so many, it will allow us to accommodate more residents, which will support our local business,” Dawson said. “I hope these communities contribute to more walkable communities and increase some development opportunities while supporting the character of our small town.”

Hawthorne Residential Acquisition, LLC.  She proposes to bring over 100 apartments to Borgo for a project near US 117 Bypass South.

James H. Gantt, city manager, said progress on the apartments will depend on the availability of driveway sanitation.

“We are working on extending a sewer line to accommodate that,” Gantt said. “Therefore, there is still some time before this development can be built. But it is a great opportunity to make sure that we have available housing for those who live and work here.”

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