The Dallas House That Prompted Calls To The Police For Halloween Decor Is This Year’s Gourier

Last year, a house in the M Streets neighborhood of east Dallas grabbed headlines around the world with its bloody Halloween decorations. Media sources from South America to Russia have published an editorial about whether Dallas artist and engineer Stephen Novak has gone too far in the turf full of horribly murdered models. Novak’s realistic Halloween bloodbath led to multiple visits from Dallas Police, contacted by neighbors who thought they had found an outdoor crime scene.

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The scariest part might be people seeing this scene outside a house in M ​​Streets and telling themselves it could be real.

Stephen Novak

“All the cops out last year have been absolute gassing. I welcome them to come out and take more selfies,” Novak says with a laugh.

Despite his work spreading around the world last year, Novak doesn’t feel pressure to beat himself up. He views his new Halloween project as a way to take his mind off the pandemic.

“This year has been difficult for a lot of people,” Novak says. “I think we can agree that this project acts as a pressure release valve.”

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The wood chipper is the best of the show at this year’s Novak’s Halloween show.

Stephen Novak

Novak proudly shows off his yard for his new dad whose son literally did anything and points out each of his creations

He says of his actual partner, “Last year’s hits stayed: safe, ladder, chainsaw, girlfriend. Fake blood made of corn syrup lay on the sidewalk. But there’s a lot of new details. 55-gallon drums are now out at the sidewalk full of party rips.” [of guests]. This year I made the body parts by cutting up the mannequins and then filling them with structural parts and Great Stuff insulation foam.”

The biggest piece at his bloody front lawn fair this year is a refurbished wood chipper that spews gallons of fake blood across his yard.

“There are a lot of new hacks for this year,” says Novak. “The wood chipper blood fountain is the obvious centerpiece and easily the most challenging pillar. It took me months to find an old wood chipper for sale. The sellers weren’t happy with the new purpose.”

A stream of fake blood also flows from the head of a commercial fountain at an astonishing 3,000 gallons per hour like a geyser.

Then the “blood” rises in the air over the Novak Pass into a children’s pool covered with the tattered remains of a mannequin.

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We welcome blood donation.

Stephen Novak

Despite the blood red color, Novak is completely green at heart, and she says the fountain is designed not to waste water.

Everything is powered by a submersible water pump inside [kiddie] He explains that the pool which then leads to the wood chipper fountain. “You can operate this pump with your foot by pressing a hidden pedal switch.”

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Hell’s gates.

Stephen Novak

The Blood Fountain isn’t the only Halloween engineer’s innovation. Novak has created an optical illusion for the front door that makes it look like his house has been broken into by an axe-killer, so why not do it?

He says, “I bought a door, matched the house’s paint, broke it, and installed it to swing on hinges. The real door of my house is behind it, and then I painted with a product called Black 3.0 that reflects so little that it’s almost invisible.”

The innovations are as impressive in their creativity and skill, even from an engineer, as they are shocking and disgusting, earning Novak the unofficial title of King of Halloween in Dallas.

Because of the high cost to Novak of entertaining and terrorizing his neighbors, this year he welcomes donations and has listed his Venmo account on display.

“It was a tremendous amount of work and dough, but it’s so worth it because people love it so much,” Novak says. “People are as ticklish looking at my altar as they look at puppies!”

Novak loves to give people what they want.

“Next year is going to be crazy,” he says.

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