The chopped up Nissan Z Roadster looks great

2022 is an exciting time to stay alive – sure, there are things to worry about right now, but overall, things are getting better. In fact, this is evident in the automotive world as well.

Cars are experiencing a renaissance of sorts, with drivetrains evolving exponentially and safety features becoming more sophisticated than ever. In the world of performance, sports cars and supercars are also changing for the better in many ways.

Hybrid and electric powertrains provide greater speed and better economy for enthusiastic vehicles at the expense of the smells, sounds and vibrations inherent in ICEs.

April It has managed to resist this trend with the latest iteration of the Z-car – a modern sports car successor to the 370Z – and it comes with a sporty design philosophy that looks back to the heritage and history of the Z-car.

This rendering by Sugardesign_1 on Instagram is an optimistic look at the future in a possible roadster version of the Nissan Z.

Nissan Z Roadster Concept is low, stylish and cool

Objectively speaking, the Nissan Z Roadster is an interesting concept – but it is currently only available in a Fastback body style.

The standard Nissan Z manages to look just like the Concept Z but is sleeker, has a fresh, modern feel, and looks elegant rather than aggressive.

In this embodiment, the car’s roof and all pillars are removed, leaving an unbroken line from the hood to the trunk.

There is a lowered windshield at the front with a rolled-up window to each side; It looks practical and could possibly carry air over passengers resulting in comfort at speed.

This means that it’s a special kind of roadster and not just a convertible – it becomes a racing-inspired specialty like the Ferrari Monza SP1, Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss and many more.

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The Nissan Z Roadster will be great for track days

A lot of Monza SP1 road cars and specials come without a windshield, but this one still technically has a windshield, which should help customers who want to use it as a road car.

To this end, there are windshield wipers: 4 of them. Like the Toyota FJ Cruiser, which has 3 windshield wipers, this is a peculiar feature that makes the car stand out more, in addition to the lowered screen and side windows.

Low windshields — or no windshields — save weight and offer potential advantages in aerodynamics and visibility, like the Mazda MX-5 Superlight was the windshieldless Miata concept.

Here, the Z looks pretty much stock apart from the key differences already mentioned, so it would be nice to see the car with a better performance package to turn it into a real race car.

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The Nissan Z Roadster Render is a modern JDM car made better

Not that the Nissan Z is slow, of course – it can manage a 4-second dash to 60 mph as seen on YouTube via Hagerty’s channel where the car has been tested in several drag races.

With a twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 engine and an optional 9-speed automatic transmission and 6-speed manual transmission, it’s a sports car with real performance potential under its elegant exterior design.

That’s the speed of the ’90s Ferrari in a compact car and in a convertible or roadster version, could appeal to more customers, opening up a broader demographic—could be a modern Honda S2000.

It’s not clear if the render shows a retractable metal roof like the one on the Mazda MX-5 RF Miata, but that might be a good choice, unless the interior is waterproof – like the Renaultsport Spider.

It’s uncertain how this would work in practice with the small screen, but could include a windshield that raises and lowers a few inches, just enough to provide visibility and meet the ceiling at the proper height; This will be the first industry.

Right now, the Nissan Z convertible is a tough dream: but there are alternatives

There are alternatives to the Nissan Z including the Toyota Supra, but this car is also a compact coupe and doesn’t have a dangling ego either.

For a pull-down sports car with that kind of power — 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet as standard in the Nissan Z — in convertible form, the BMW Z4 is an option like the Porsche 918 Boxster.

We love the design of the roadster version of the Nissan Z’s lower screen and the rear surprisingly well translates to a convertible from the standard car’s fastback hatchback.

If this amateurish rendering sounds good, it’s easy to see how the Nissan Z’s styling holds great potential as a drop-top sports car, with or without the new windshield and 4 wipers.

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