The best apps to buy a second-hand car

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To be able to compare two cars, you not only need a good comparison app, but you also need a good VIN decoder. CarVertical offers you a good VIN decoder on our page, which you can consult to decide on one vehicle or another.

Leaving aside the different promotions and incentives for buying new cars, those who want to take advantage of the second-hand market can take advantage of a list of the best apps to sell and buy cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, both for Android smartphones and iPhones .


AutoScout24, Europe’s largest online platform for the automotive market.

AutoScout24’s virtual car inventory is huge: among more than 1 million vehicles, you’re sure to find one that could be your next purchase.

Whether used or new cars, eco-friendly cars or powerful sports cars, thanks to AutoScout24, you will quickly find the car of your dreams at affordable prices. In its online car market you can find new and second-hand cars in just a few clicks, with the exact characteristics you are looking for and always with direct contact with the seller or dealer.

Thanks to the new car configurator, you can also meet the criteria of the car you are looking for, whether it is new, 0 km or less than a year old.

For over 15 years, AutoScout24 has been independently testing used and new cars and making its car knowledge available to you.


Trovit searches thousands of different websites for used cars and displays the results on a single results page. So you can be sure to find the car of your dreams, no matter how hidden it is. Easy, comfortable and fast.

Filters to find the perfect car

Trovit allows you to filter your search results to show the cars that are most relevant to you. You can select the city, the appearance date, the brand, the model, the price, the year, the kilometers, the number of doors and a long list of other criteria.

Save the best offers in Favorites

Doesn’t it bother you that when you find a perfect car, you don’t remember where you saw it? Add all ads to your “Favorites” section. In case you accidentally delete the app, you can get your favorite cars back.

The application provides users with access to a huge inventory of vehicles: there are millions of new and used cars.

The app sends price drop alerts, provides detailed information such as price comparisons of nearby inventories, and offers the ability to re-searches without logging in.

The app’s detailed filters are very helpful in the vehicle search process, including options like style, fuel type, or color to narrow down your search field and help you find the perfect vehicle faster.

Download the app for free and discover the cars available at all the dealerships in your area in one place. The easiest way to search, find, buy and sell second-hand, used, km 0 or new cars.

Second hand

This application is the only one that, in addition to second-hand vehicles, allows you to search for parts or accessories for the car in question.

The best thing about the application is that you can send any ad to your friends or contacts on your mobile. Also, you can save the announcement you need in Favorites.

With you can monitor the fuel consumption of your vehicle. Whether it is gasoline consumption, diesel consumption, vegetable oil consumption or gas consumption – Spritmonitor offers the possibility to calculate consumption values ​​for all types of fuel. Biological vehicles can also be managed with autogas (LPG) or natural gas (CNG). calculates the individual CO₂ emissions of your vehicle. The displayed value is not a manufacturer specification. Instead, CO₂ emissions are calculated based on fuel consumption. This gives you a realistic value of your vehicle’s emissions. allows you to manage your vehicle’s reminders (such as oil changes, maintenance or the dates of major inspections/ITV). They can be based on a date, your vehicle’s current mileage, or both. If you wish, you can also know the expiration dates through email.


We could say that Clicars is an online dealership that we can also find its physical version in Madrid.

It has more than 1650 second-hand cars with a good price. What we can highlight about this application is that they allow you to test the car for 15 days without obligation or for 1000 kilometers.

All their cars are checked and they send the car to any place on the Peninsula, so you don’t have to go to Madrid to look for the car.

And, remember, after consulting a good second-hand car comparator, don’t forget to check the VIN number decoder, which we offer you on our carVertical website.

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