The all-electric Audi RS6 wagon may be on the road – Rob reports

Audi’s coveted high-performance cars aren’t going anywhere, even when they commit themselves to an electric future. In fact, it seems that they will develop along with the brand.

The German luxury brand is working on a battery-powered version of its most powerful buggy, the RS6 Avant, Autocar Reporting. The electric sports car will not completely replace the internal combustion version of the beloved model; It would be a compliment to her.

Although the brand has been quick to expand its all-electric sedans, crossovers and SUV lineups over the past two years, it currently offers only one battery-powered Audi Sports model – the RS e-tron GT. That will change soon, though, and leading the way will be a zero-emissions version of the RS6 Avant, according to the British publication. And it could be here as soon as 2023, as the magazine reports that it will likely launch alongside the A6 e-tron production series. Not only will the two new e-trons be linked through the release window, either. The expectation is that the wagon will essentially look like a long-topped version of the high-performance sedan.

Audi A6 e-tron concept


This roof wouldn’t be the only thing that distinguishes the two EVs. The A6 e-tron is developed with performance and efficiency in mind. The two-motor powertrain is expected to produce 469 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, and it will be able to run 450 miles on a single charge. The RS 6 Avant e-tron was designed with one thing in mind: high performance. Because of that, it will be built on a new electronic platform for Audi and sister company Porsche’s personal protective equipment, and feature a different electric motor capable of generating around 600 horsepower. There’s a trade-off, of course, which is that the range likely won’t be able to compete with the A6 e-tron.

When we got to comment, an Audi representative said Rob’s report That the brand “cannot comment on future products”.

If you’ve been dreaming of owning an internal combustion version of a high-performance wagon – which made it to the US just two years ago – there’s no reason to rush and buy one just yet. The A6 and RS6 Avant e-trons are expected to coexist alongside their gas-powered siblings until about the end of the decade, according to We expect both zero-emissions vehicles to cost more — the standard A6 starts at $55,900 and the RS6 Avant at $116,500 — but as Mercedes-Benz has shown with the EQS, that’s no longer a given.

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