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From the daffodil staircase of a checkered farmhouse to the yellow-tinted living room of a taxicab, designers seem to be on a frenzy for finding the best yellow paint and specs. The rush of product collaborations, eye-catching home tours, and appearances in just a few color schemes of the year all make the case: In 2022, yellow appeared. Although the statement shade has become a turning point in many room interiors, canary tones are arguably less traditional than, say, soothing blue or pink. Despite their sunny nature, choosing the wrong shade – or even using too much of the right shade – can be overstuffed, blinding, or just plain plain. too much. the secret? Find the perfect tones to match the room’s size and natural light.

Are you ready to embrace color on your own? AD PRO asked seven designers about their best yellow paint options—here are the ones they feel deserve the spotlight.

Funky Yellow by Sherwin Williams.

This children’s room by Atelier Davis features a buttery color.
Photo: Pablo Enriquez

Funky Yellow by Sherwin Williams

“This yellow has a lot of depth. It sounds a little, well, funky at first, but it’s the kind of color that changes in the light. It has a slightly greenish undertone, but it’s still warm and great for kids’ rooms. Yellow fades easily, so it’s best if you You start with more saturation!” —Jessica Davis, Atelier Davis

Goldfield composed by Benjamin Moore.
Katherine M. Austin used Goldfield by Benjamin Moore on the ceiling in the Kips Bay Decorator Show House Palm Beach.
Photo: Carmel Brantley

Goldfield by Benjamin Moore

“Our favorite color is Benjamin Moore’s Goldfield. It’s the perfect sunshine yellow, it’s not too strong or too saturated, and it has a wonderful softness. We recently used this color for the entry and kitchen ceiling at the Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House. We had a rainbow of colors In our spaces and this yellow worked beautifully with every shade we put next to it.” —Catherine M. Austin, Catherine M. Austin Interior Design

Domingue Finishes’ beeswax was created by color expert Yves Ashcraft—and, of course, it’s one of her favorite yellow paints.
Shade inside by Hadley Wiggins.
Photo: David Benthal

Beeswax from Domingo

“Hadley Wiggins had the most beautiful collection of fabrics that led us to this beautiful yellow. It’s a color I developed for Domingue Finishes. It’s called beeswax, and it’s a lemony wash off paint that glows when the sun hits it. It seemed like the perfect choice for this small waterfront bedroom.” — Eve Ashcraft

French gold quarter by Benjamin Moore.
Interior design by Nose Nozawa uses gold paint color.
Photo: Noz Nozawa

The French Gold Quarter by Benjamin Moore

“I love this shade of yellow. It’s a rich, lustrous color, and its earthy green adds complexity to the color, which changes as the sun moves throughout the day. It’s not a color we normally associate with bedrooms, but waking up in a room this color feels like being greeted with a smile every morning.” day “. – Nose Nozawa, Nose Design

Yellow India from Farrow & Ball.

Yellow India by Farrow & Ball

‘We love this eye-catching yellow, as its deep mustard tones give it an earthy feel, making it a go-to color for both city and country homes. To create an immersive experience in a small room, we used India Yellow in full gloss on the ceiling and down the dado rail to allow light to bounce off nicely. Terrifying about space.” —Katie Glaister, K&H Design

Baboush from Farrow & Ball.
Interior color by Katie Rosenfeld & Company.
Photo: McKendree Reading/JBSA

Baboush from Farrow & Ball

“I see yellow as a neutral—it literally goes with jewel tones of all shades, browns, blacks, and priorities. I even love yellow with pastels. Yellow is the happiness of color for sure.” —Katie Rosenfeld and Katie Rosenfeld and Company

Curry by C2 is one of the best yellow paints, according to designer Zoe Feldman.
Photo: Stacey Zarine Goldberg

Carry by C2 Paint

“I love the shade Kari from C2. It has the quality of saffron and henna that makes it feel old despite its strong saturation. It adds color, depth and warmth to a space without feeling too bright or cluttered, and plays well with lots of different colors. Although it has With a great personality, yet it looks a little neutral, which makes you feel warm and invisible, which is why we often use it in gem box fashion.” —Zoe Feldman, Zoe Feldman Design

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