The 6 Best Kitchen Faucets of 2022, According to the Experts

Once you’ve decided which type of faucet is best for your kitchen, here’s how to focus on the perfect model.

✔️ appearance: Although it is very much a matter of style, the shape of the nozzle also affects ease of use. Less expensive faucets have straight holes that don’t leave much room for large pots. Arched faucets have more room, although you need to balance this against the potential increase in spray. The size and composition of the aquarium can be a useful guide; The faucet should be proportional and able to reach most of the sink, especially if it does not have a sprayer.

✔️ spray: Pull-out sprayer faucets have become a popular alternative to stand-alone side sprayers because they save space, and many users find it more convenient to spray dishes or clean the sink. Our experts love faucets with easy-to-finger buttons that make it easy to switch from spray to flush. They also say they are looking for a pull-out atomizer with a magnetic lock that pulls the nozzle back into the dock and locks it there securely.

✔️ ending: Our experts have seen that the finishes on the faucets have become more durable in recent years. As a result, the choice of finish is primarily down to style preference. “Stainless steel remains the top choice because homeowners are pleased with how seamlessly it blends in with their appliances,” Danielson says. Brushed chrome is nice if you want a little pop, although, like stainless steel, it shows fingerprints and smudges. More muted finishes such as brushed nickel and brass have a dull shine making them more resistant to fingerprints and water spots. Matte black is a trendy finish that brings a unique element to the kitchen, especially when paired with black appliances.

✔️ Building: Faucets have become more reliable in recent years, but there are still some flimsy products out there. The solid brass construction and ceramic discs in place of the washers are two signs of a quality faucet. “The heavier the better,” Danielson adds. “A faucet made with an internal solid material such as brass will be more robust, reliable, and withstand everyday use than a faucet made with low-quality plastic components.” The most durable finishes are applied through a process called physical vapor deposition which makes them stain and scratch resistant.

✔️ Tide rate: It is measured in gallons per minute (GPM) and this tells you how efficiently your faucet is using water. The maximum flow rate allowed by law is 2.2 GPM. For an EPA WaterSense label, the flow rate must be less than 1.5 GPM. This 30 percent increase in efficiency amounts to thousands of gallons over the course of a year. Build quality also affects efficiency since a drip spout can waste up to 3,000 gallons annually, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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