The 2009 BMW X6 xDrive is great value for money

Before BMW’s controversial giant kidney grilles became the norm, in 2009 the outrageous X6 xDrive was causing a stir in the motoring world. It is closely related to its stablemate X5, the first generation BMW The X6 xDrive (E71) was a cross between an SUV and a sports coupe.

Those close to BMW have cleverly created a new niche with the unveiling of its new SUV, calling it a “sports activity coupe.” The X6 was in development by Peter Tuennermann, the model project leader at the time. Although the X6 had the chubby appearance of an off-road vehicle, from the side it had the appearance of an eye-catching coupe. However, when it was launched at the 2008 North American International Auto Show, the X6 crossover wasn’t to everyone’s taste. There was nothing like it at the time.

It is said: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, the X6 was aimed specifically at people who wanted a sporty exterior and the practicality of an SUV. Opinions of the SUV coupe remained largely divided, primarily about its design. Although it is interesting to note that since the beginning of the first generation of the BMW X6, many manufacturers have developed some form of SUV coupe of their own. Moreover, early criticisms of the BMW X6 gradually faded away and the coupe SUV proved very popular in its target market. This was undoubtedly reflected in the total sales around the world.

The first generation of the BMW X6 was a highly capable SUV with impressive performance and dynamics. On top of that, it handled like a sports car thanks to a stiffer suspension, but with all-wheel drive, the luxury crossover has some off-road capability. With a good selection of petrol and diesel engines to choose from, BMW has, of course, added an M version to the X6 lineup. The X6 M has terrific performance and the ability to cover the ground at an exceptional pace.

Although the BMW X6 may only appeal to a specific target group, the prices of this four-wheel drive coupe are now within reach of many. Therefore, the first generation of X6 xDrive has become an affordable luxury dual-purpose performance machine.

The 2009 BMW X6 xDrive delivers tough performance

The BMW X6 xDrive offers massive performance with a good selection of powerful petrol and diesel engines to choose from in the range. The petrol units include a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged six-cylinder engine producing 306 horsepower and a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 with 408 horsepower. The hexagon sprints the BMW X6 to 60 mph in 6.5 seconds and has a top speed of 149 mph. What’s more, the ferocious V8 is just over a second faster to 60 mph, with a top speed of 155 mph.

While gasoline engines provide an abundance of power, diesel units are surprisingly frugal and usually preferred. However, the diesels in the range aren’t slack either, with a choice of single and twin turbo units available on the X6 30d and X6 40d, respectively. In addition, BMW included a three-cylinder M50 diesel model with a six-cylinder output of 381 horsepower. The SUV can jump from 0-60 mph in just 5.3 seconds with a whopping 740 Nm of torque available. The BMW X6 M was a full-fat M car with a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8 engine. On top of that, it generates 555 horsepower, with it hitting 60 mph in just 4.7 seconds, making it a hot engine for an SUV.

In late 2009, BMW added a hybrid version to the X6 lineup called ActiveHybrid, aimed primarily at the US market. Two twin electric motors are integrated into the all-wheel drive system, improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. In fact, the X6 Hybrid had amazing performance, with 485 horsepower under its hood. It also came at a great price!

Although it weighs more than two tons, the first-generation BMW X6 offered more than just perfect acceleration. It provided an attractive sporty ride with impressive handling for its size. It’s true to say that the BMW X6 wasn’t really targeted as a serious off-road driver, and drivers wouldn’t venture off-road during their ownership. However, it shared many of its mechanicals with the BMW X5 and had an intelligent all-wheel drive system, making the X6 a fast cross-country machine. Furthermore, exciting cornering was aided by the Dynamic Performance Control system, which sent power to the rear wheels with the greatest amount of stability.

Interior and interior design of ’09 X6 xDrive

BMW established the coupe SUV type with the development of the X6 model. However, the debut of the X6 continues to divide opinions today. However, the X5 appears to have a more aggressive character on the bottom. In fact, the descending roofline highlights its sporty intentions. It’s true that the BMW X6 no longer has an identification problem because the auto market is awash with SUVs of all sizes. The design of the Brany X6 is distinctive and distinct from the others. Moreover, the aesthetic fits well with its power and gives the car an intimidating presence on the road. The X6 is also much wider than its BMW sibling, the X5. However, behind the somewhat controversial design lies a well-built machine.

The interior of the X6 is typical of BMW cars, with great ambiance and the use of high-quality materials. As expected, the BMW X6 comes well-equipped with a full suite of safety features, including airbags and driver assistance. The comfortable driving position is comfortable with good ergonomics. The BMW infotainment system is also easy to navigate.

However, the large dimensions of the car hide the fact that it can accommodate only four passengers. Although there is little room in the front of the X6, the rear headroom is, unsurprisingly, at risk for taller riders due to the sloping roofline. Furthermore, the rear seats fold flat to provide ample storage space, although not as cavernous as the X5.

The 2009 BMW X6 xDrive gives you great value for money

Love it or hate it, the first generation X6 xDrive is no longer considered a new SUV coupe. In fact, the brand loyalty and driving pleasure associated with the BMW brand helped make the X6 popular within its genre.

The X6 was by no means cheap. In 2009, the X6 xDrive 35i cost about $57,000 new. The V8-powered X6 xDrive 50i started at $67,500 new, with the high-performance X6 M and ActiveHybrid close to $90,000! However, the first generation of the X6 now presents itself as an affordable luxury crossover with excellent driving dynamics and plenty of equipment. According to reports, the X6 30d’s price starts at $12,500, and the base V8’s price starts at $18,500. In general, powerful diesel models offer the most reasonable choice since fuel efficiency is critical.

Regardless of the design, the first generation of the BMW X6 remains a high-performance machine.

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