The 10 Best Classic Cars to Buy in 2021

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Hagerty has published its now-annual Bull Market List, a list of the top 10 cars likely to increase in value over the next 12 months. In order to determine what vehicles will defy physics and go against depreciation in a given year, Hagerty consults data from the Hagerty Price Guide, Hagerty Valuation Tools, auction research and requests for insurance quotes; Their experts then narrow it down to a top-10 list.

Essentially, Hagerty is looking for undervalued cars where the prices have not caught up to the level of interest yet. According to Brian Rabold, Hagerty’s VP of valuation services, a great example from this year’s list is a 2000s gem, the first-gen Audi TT Quattro coupe.

“We saw a 175 percent increase in the number of people researching Audi TT prices over the last six months, indicating they are getting ready to buy,” Rabold said. “We also saw an increase of 58% among Baby Boomers who were seeking insurance quotes from Hagerty on this car over the past year, which again indicated an imminent purchase. Meanwhile, the TT price has slipped slightly since 2017. All of this indicates that the car is ripe for an increase. Add in all the emotional appeal of the TT — the design aesthetic, the ease of use, and the driving enjoyment — and it landed on the list.”

The list includes some niche cars going mainstream, some forgotten classics coming back into favor and some enthusiast favorites that just finished their depreciation curve. Check out the 10 cars below.

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