TESTED: The 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing is the real deal

Trample and go

It’s important to keep in mind that the CT5-V Blackwing is a sedan. Great sedan. Because what I did on our test track isn’t usually in the wheelhouse of a big sedan. Keep in mind that this was done with California 91 octane gas. Numbers:

  • 0-60 in 4.0 seconds (3.77 seconds with one foot of subtraction)
  • 123.7 mph in a quarter mile
  • Stop from 60 by 104 feet (iron brakes, not optional carbon ceramic)
  • Draw 1.08g on our skateboard

How would you feel if you crossed a quarter mile? Let’s ask our test driver.

Launch control comes in two versions: automatic or do it yourself. Going the DIY route opens up a giant gap of possibilities, but I settled on a 2,200-rpm launch with a 7.5% slip number. The cars worked fine, too, but allowed plenty of Spinning on normal asphalt for our test track.Huge power but interstellar gearing.First goes to something like 58 while the second goes to 83!Once it’s plugged in and you’re out of the wheelspin zone, it’s perfectly stable.Say what you want about the motor (it’s cool) but can The gears are the star here. Durable without being heavy and unsteady; fast without sloppy. World class. The car can do it all day.”

He seems happy. But what about the brakes? As mentioned earlier, our test car wasn’t equipped with the optional carbon ceramic seals. However, with 15.7-inch rotors and six-piston calipers up front and 14.7-inch calipers with four-piston calipers in the rear, we expected solid performance.

Surprised that this didn’t come with the optional carbon-ceramic brakes but they still stopped like a champ. Even the brakes needed a little heat to deliver their best stopping. The pedal is firm and doesn’t require much to get into the meat of stopping power. ABS is fully compatible with tires, So the ABS noise and emissions were very little.Some slight skip/slip close to zero, but that’s what hi-po cars usually do.Full stable and straight.The car roams and stays on – credit to MagneRide here.

“The by-wire brake system doesn’t transmit much feedback and that’s back to haunt the CT5-V in our handling loop. After a few tough laps, the pedal is starting to feel woody and I’m worried I didn’t get a full picture of how much stopping power I had left. Don’t allow you pedal simply depressing harder but the stopping power doesn’t sound as strong as you’re used to. Same story with the C8 so this is clearly a “thing” with this braking system. However, the fact that these brakes can pull this rocket off without fading too much on A brake-heavy track is impressive. But if it was my money, I’d go with carbon ceramic.”

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