Tesla-Powered Land Rover Defender Goes Off-Roading

Richard Morgan of YouTube channel Electric Classic Cars has done it again, by not only converting a Land Rover Defender into a stunning Tesla-powered electric car but also by taking it off-roading in an awesome video.

Morgan has taken it upon himself to rescue old classics and convert them into electric cars, showing the world you can not only breathe life into period cars but also give them an environmentally friendly twist.

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Tesla-Powered Land Rover Defender Is A Beast

A Tesla-powered Land Rover Defender sounds nearly like a misnomer, buts it’s very real and made by Richard Morgan and his team of industrious Welsh engineers, who have injected the classic with a 21st-century running gear of a 450-horsepower Tesla.

It runs on modified gears and a limited-slip differential and wears a 90 kWh Tesla lithium-ion battery pack, with a 22kW charger. The acceleration is a crazy 0-60 mph in 5.0 seconds, while the top speed is 120 mph. This electric car can run 150 miles on a full charge, and the cost of converting this gas-guzzling classic into a noiseless electric was around $83,000.

It looks like a classic and is absolutely a surprise as it trundles along, without that traditional Land Rover Defender growl.

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Morgan Feels ‘An Idiot Could Drive It’

No, he’s not deprecating the car, which proves rather able on the off-road track they have chosen, except for the branches sticking through and hitting Morgan at every chance.

Since there are no gears to the car nor a clutch, he feels it is very, very easy to drive, unlike a traditional Defender that needed the driver to keep up shifting or down shifting, as per the need of the immediate terrain.

Richard Morgan and his team at Electric Classic Cars have been converting period cars to electric drives for the past five years, including an adorable VW classic, but the Defender is their first attempt at a beastly vehicle. And an off-roading one. We have to admit, we are very impressed.

Especially since this electric car, manages to do a river crossing just as ably as a diesel exhaust-spewing classic Defender would. It does it better because instead of the roar of the engine, you can hear the river flow by if Morgan would stop “whooping” at every bump, dip, and crest.

Fans are smitten, as one wrote, “Love it, not having to worry about gear selection and having instant torque off-road is like having cheat codes on. Wish we could rent one of these or drive one at a Land Rover Experience center, if you’re looking to convert a more extreme off-road Land Rover I’d give you mine to convert, assuming I get it back of course!”

Source: YouTube channel Electric Classic Cars

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