Tesla Delivers the Back Burner with Increased Absorption in Smaller Countries

Tesla and other electric car makers are beginning to see demand for electric vehicles in many parts of Australia reach new highs in 2022. Driven by gasoline prices, major states on Australia’s east coast are driving a large part of that.

But recent shipping and production delays have ground Tesla’s shipments to a halt in less populated states, for now.

New data reveals some of the unique trends seen in South Australia and Tasmania.

More than 900 Tesla hit the roads of South Australia

Data from Carlopp shows that as of April 2022, there are more than 900 Tesla on South Australian roads. 920 Tesla owners across the state have so far received shipments of their vehicles since the only EV brand arrived in Australia less than 10 years ago.

Source: Karlope

The real turnaround has been in the past 12 months, as the state’s Tesla fleet has nearly doubled.

Meanwhile, the latest data for the first three months of 2022 also showed a 120% increase in Tesla uptake in South Australia compared to the same time in 2021. This means that Tesla uptake more than doubled.

Some of that uptake was driven by a price drop in Tesla Model 3 prices during July of last year along with the start of the $3,000 EV discount that officially launched late last year.

Delayed cars finally arrived at Tassi

Last month, The Driven reported delays for Teslas bound for Tasmania. Those have now arrived and 24 Tasmanian owners received their new Tesla Model 3 in April 2022 after waiting several months since placing their orders in late 2021.

May 2022 tas-uptake-in-q1-tesla-Growth-chart-Australia-2022 breakdown
Source: Karlope

Delays in shipping due to flooding in Brisbane meant that ships from Tesla’s factory in Giga Shanghai were unable to enter the Brisbane port. More new Teslas ended up on Tasmanian roads in April than in March this year which wasn’t perfect for Tesla. An electric car maker generally delivers cars in the same quarter of the year in which they are produced.

Although the Tesla cargo was not offloaded at the port of Brisbane, the delay affected the timing at the port of Kembla in New South Wales.

Tesla unloads cars bound for Tasmania at the port of Kembla and transports them via road freight to Melbourne. From there, Tesla ships it across the island state so owners can deliver their new electric vehicles.

Forecasts for electric vehicle uptake in South Australia and Tasmania

The year started off well with uptake data for modern electric vehicles in 2022 for South Australia and Tasmania, showing strong growth.

Things are looking less rosy in the second quarter as Tesla Shanghai’s factory operates in the epidemic affected by lower production levels. This is a slightly bigger problem for new Tesla customers in states like Tasmania where deliveries can sometimes take longer. April deliveries in the state showed this trend.

Tesla’s Shanghai plant will also overcome short-term production problems to produce more than 2,600 vehicles per day. This is taking into account Tesla’s recent announcement to make the Tesla Shanghai plant to be the “world’s largest automobile export center”.

The second half of 2022 will see further growth as MG and BYD models come to our shores. Combined with the Model 3 with Tesla ascending to Shanghai again, this will see more electric vehicles bound for Tasmania and South Australia later in 2022.

This, along with government support programs, will continue to fuel demand. That, at a time when gasoline prices are heading above $2.00 in many states and territories across the country.

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