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Philadelphia (CBS) – Dad Vail Regatta is back in Philadelphia. The annual group rowing competition is scheduled to begin Friday morning.

With a total of 22 wins, no one has won more Dad Vail Regatta than Temple University. They were kind enough to take CBS3’s Ross DeMate into the water, and show the level of teamwork it takes to get to the winner’s circle.

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“This is something we take very seriously and are working on for this September regatta,” said Brian Perkins, coach of Temple Rowing.

Dad Vail is the largest mass race in the country, and is held every year on the Schuylkill River.

About halfway up the race road along the beach is Temple University Harbor, where each year the rowing teams make this competition a point of pride.

“It’s something we build for all year round, so it’s big for these guys,” Perkins said. “It’s very important to them and we try to defend it as if it was our backyard.”

The key to the crew, Perkins says, is to have each rower repeat the same stroke in unison. He asserts that mental strength is more important than physical.

“What’s about it, I think, is that we use the phrase Temple Tuff a lot, sometimes in the middle of the race when you’re in the aching closet, it’s about who can hold their hand, the longest candle, you know, the first kind of,” Perkins said. A wince could lose this race.”

Wanting to feel the burn first hand, Ross kicked his boots and grabbed his paddle before getting one last second tip from captain Kenneth Raynor.
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Ross popped like a sore thumb, struggled to sync my strokes, and hurt the team more than it helped.

Fortunately for Team Temple, in a sport often seconds apart, they won’t have to worry about Ross slowing them down, and they are fully focused on the task at hand.

“That’s the event we’re on,” Perkins said. “The second Saturday in May in Philadelphia is the event we’re all about.”

“The goal is always to win,” Raynor said. “Obviously we’ve been working a long time for that.”

Philadelphia has no fewer than six local schools competing in this year’s regatta.

One of Temple’s toughest competitors is Drexel University, which actually beat the Albums this year.

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The first race is scheduled to start at 7:30 am

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