Tax return delay? Why is there no Asheville Lexus dealer?

Today’s set of burning questions, my smart answers, and the real deal:

A question: It has now been over 12 weeks since I filed my 2020 North Carolina income tax return on February 28 and was notified the same day the return was accepted. I deserve a refund. Six weeks later, I went to the NC Department of Revenue website and followed the steps for “Where do I get my refund?” I got this response: “Your return is in Phase 2. Due to enhanced identity theft protection and fraud prevention measures, some refunds may take longer than usual, which is six weeks for an electronically submitted return and 12 weeks for a paper return. Your return may take up to 45 days to move to the next stage of processing. For some taxpayers, the department may contact you with a letter for additional information.” Now, weeks later, nothing has changed. I still get the same response. Meanwhile, I made my first quarterly estimated payment in April and the other due in June. Is there an explanation as to why my return for 2020 has stopped in Phase 2 of Revenue Management? I called their phone number posted last week but didn’t get additional information and the ability to talk to anyone by doing so.

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