Take a look at the Mercedes-Maybach GLS carbon chassis that gets a healthy thrust

The ultra-luxury Mercedes-Maybach cars are essentially a status symbol for the wealthy. Those who have money ride Mercedes Benz, but those who have a lot of money sit in the Maybach. Maybach is often seen roaming the streets of the world’s most influential cities, and is also a vehicle for notable people, such as celebrities and politicians.

Maybach cars are distinguished from other luxury cars by their exquisite exterior design, luxurious interiors, and powerful engines.

The Maybach GLS is one of Maybach’s most utilitarian models – it is luxurious and offers a little more space for larger passenger cargo. However, the Maybach GLS may be luxurious and dynamic, but not enough to match the lavish lifestyle of some people.

For those who want more, Mansory offers the Maybach GLS on steroids. More powerful and dynamic in appearance, the Maybach GLS by Mansory is a worthy luxury option. With its carbon fiber construction and healthy energy boost, this Mansory product is well worth checking out.

Maybach GLS: Utility Palace on Wheels

Just a month after starting production of the standard GLS in October 2019, Mercedes introduced the Maybach GLS in November. After all, the Mercedes Maybach GLS was based on the standard GLS, but with a number of distinctive elements that make it an ultra-luxury car.

The heart of the GLS is a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V-8 that generates a maximum power of 550 horsepower and 538 pound-feet of torque, aided by a 48-volt hybrid system for a crisper launch. The V8 engine allows the large luxury SUV to sprint from zero to 60 mph in just 4.8 seconds and reach an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph. A more powerful AMG GLS63 is available, which delivers 603 hp of maximum output and a faster sprint time.

As expected, the Maybach GLS is more about a palace-like interior than the exterior and a powertrain. To offer a more luxurious ride, the Maybach GLS only comes in two rows, instead of three. This allows the passenger of the second row to sit in the utmost comfort – huge legroom, electrically adjustable seats with heating and massage functions. The cabin is filled with nappa leather and real wood trim.

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Increase performance by boosting healthy strength

Simply put, there are Maybach customers who are not satisfied with just the stock Maybach GLS. Good for them, Mansouri is here to deliver the difference, as applied in three different areas – engine, exterior and interior.

Mansory wanted the GLS Convertible to offer more oomph – even more than the loud and slick AMG GLS63. And to achieve this, Mansory gave a boost to the Maybach GLS. The aftermarket tuner installed a modified ECU for the engine management system, new turbochargers, and a new sports exhaust system with high-performance catalytic converters.

These upgrades increased the V8’s power output to 820 horsepower and torque to 722 lb-ft. This now allows Mansory’s Maybach GLS to sprint from zero to 62 mph in 4.4 seconds and achieve a higher but still limited top speed of 186 mph.

Carbon fiber body kit to match the reinforcement

Interestingly, Mansouri confirmed that the Maybach GLS convertible has the look to match its enhanced performance. That’s why the aftermarket tuner installed a new body kit made of carbon fibre, a lightweight and durable material. By Mansory standards, this body kit is very simple, although almost every body part is either entirely carbon or has carbon accents.

Up front, the Maybach GLS by Mansory features a new front apron with integrated front lip and new LED daytime running lights. Mansouri did not change the shape of the front grille. Instead, they give customers the option to leave it as is, make it darker, or give it a carbon finish.

The tuned GLS sides get new skirts, while the rear section gets a new diffuser and new bumper. The side mirrors now feature new carbon fiber caps on them. Interestingly enough, the Maybach GLS by Mansory now features an available bull bar that protects the front and rear fenders.

Completing the exterior of the Maybach GLS by Mansory are 10×24″ high-gloss V.6 forged wheels.

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Interior Elements of the Maybach GLS By Mansory

Then there’s the luxurious interior of the Maybach GLS by Mansory. The aftermarket tuner made sure occupants enjoyed the luxury of the cabin by using only the best materials for the different elements. These interior elements are one of the reasons the Maybach GLS by Mansory is more than just a luxury car.

For example, Mansory has completely re-upholstered the SUV in leather. Other luxury elements of the interior include a new carbon leather sports steering wheel, carbon trim, and leather inserts with 3D embossing in the seats and doors. As usual, there are carefully decorated lettering on the seat surfaces and floor mats.

All parts of this complete Mansory conversion – inside and out – work together in an elegant and confident way to create the perfect harmony of luxury and power. With a carbon-fibre body, all-leather interior and a more powerful engine, the Maybach GLS by Mansory can meet the highest lifestyle goals of its exceptional customers around the world.

Source: Mercedes-Benz, Mansouri

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