For migrant workers in Asia, extreme heat is a matter of life and death

CNN – It was mid-afternoon on a sweltering Saturday afternoon when Raj, a laborer from northwest India, began to feel dizzy as he moved heavy sacks of a mixture of concrete and sand at a construction site in downtown Singapore. Temperatures reached 34°C (94°F), but Raj kept going despite the heat He soon developed a … Read more

The Balcony: India’s Disappearance Threshold

The Balcony: India’s Disappearance Threshold Atlas lining street. Photo © Vijay B. Barot Involved Involved Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest The WhatsApp or An ancient Indian folk tale tells the story of a demigod, Hiranyakashibu, who was given the blessing of indestructibility. He wished that his death would not happen with any weapon, be it … Read more

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