Crazy NYC fuel lines to the rental market to see a small apartment

It’s a snapshot of the horror that is now New York City’s rental market. A crowd of apartment hunters recently lined up and waited over an hour—street side and many stairs—to see the 371-square-foot, one-bedroom, third-floor listing for $2,337.39 in East Village. It’s ridiculous,” Aidan O’Donoghue’s 36-year-old flat hunter who captured the wild crowd on … Read more

The cheapest apartment in Soho sold for 250 thousand dollars – with difficulty

This tiny home could be the biggest deal in Manhattan—if you could live there. A 603-square-foot “one-bedroom” condo on Prince Street in Soho costs $250,000, the cheapest listing in the neighborhood, with a median asking price for a one-bedroom $119,6452. Soho’s next cheapest listing is $630,000. The basement condo is located in one of Soho’s … Read more

Tiny Living in Japan: How to Improve Small Living Spaces

Tiny Living in Japan: How to Improve Small Living Spaces House in Nada / Fujiwara Moro Architects. Photo © Toshiyuki Yano Involved Involved Facebook Twitter Mail Pinterest The WhatsApp or Often when you live in Japan, whether you are occupying a shared house or renting your own apartment, you will find yourself with limited … Read more

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