$9 Million ‘Show Day’ Party to Remodel Waco Regional Airport Gets Celebrity Help | local government. and politics

Waco Mayor Dillon Mick was booed midway through Friday, as the source of the voice quietly slid into the crowd as Mick spoke of spending $9 million to redesign Waco Regional Airport. The impudent intruder proved to be none other than Chip Gaines, who had never met a fixer-upper he didn’t like. It turns out … Read more

A whopping $905,000 US bid over swamp competitor bid for Bedford Park home

Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd. 733 Woburn Ave. , toronto The question about the price: $2,695,000 (May 2022) selling price: $3.6 million (May 2022) Previous Selling Price: $1,350,000 (June 2007) Taxes: $12,947 (2021) Market days: One Registration agents: Andre Cotian and Robert Greenberg, Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd. the event The main floor has 10-foot … Read more

Creating a community through music: Phase III of Strand Theater looks to the future | Sweetened

Hudson Falls – About two weeks before Ace Freely’s highly anticipated performance at the Strand Theatre, Jonathan Newell realized he had violated Kiss guitarist’s concert contract. Freely demanded that he have his own green room, separate from the rest of his band and stage crew during backstage before the show. The Strand Theater had only … Read more

Kelly Brook’s lavish Italian wedding | entertainment

Kelly Brook is set to marry boyfriend Jeremy Parisi in a $600,000 Italian wedding. The 42-year-old presenter and the 37-year-old model – who have been dating for seven years – have reportedly booked Villa Nota Pisani in central Italy for this month’s star-studded wedding, which Kylie Minogue will be attending. A source told The Sun: … Read more

The Low List Pickering Townhouse Got A Surprise Offer After Negotiations

Re/Max Hallmark Realty Ltd. 1865 Kingston Road, Unity. 82, Pickering, Ont. The question about the price: $649,900 (March 2022) selling price: $805,000 (April 2022) Previous selling prices: $477,000 (November 2018); $385,000 (November 2016); $231,900 (March 2013); $209,000 (January 2008); $177,000 (February 2005); $166,000 (October 2002); $139,730 (February 1999) Taxes: $2,912 (2021) Market days: eight Registration … Read more

Gardening: How to create a stunning display of succulents in your garden this summer

Whether in bowls, tubs, or even picture frames, succulents can add a touch of the tropics to a garden, in a display of multicolored roses or in a dry bed among cactus plants and other drought-loving favorites. The deep-colored ‘Destiny’ Semponium – a cross between a hardy sempervivum and aeonium that can produce a very … Read more

Shoot (Lake) Breeze – Beers for You: The Early Years of Beer-Collecting Mad Can Run Across Lake Geneva, County Walworth | local news

“Simon took out the sack and threw at least twenty cans on the lawn—half of them were cones! They could have been diamonds, they were very beautiful… As far as I can tell, all the cones were from Minnesota. Four or five of them were From the grain belt. There was Royal Bohemian, and Royal … Read more

The Disney/Pixar-exclusive Lightyear will not play a same-sex couple in 14 countries; China in question

On Monday, a source said, The Walt Disney Company (DIS.N) was unable to obtain permission to screen its new Pixar movie “Lightyear” in 14 countries in the Middle East and Asia. It seems unlikely that it will ever open in China, the world’s largest film market. The “Lightyear” producer told Reuters that authorities in China … Read more

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