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TheEco-friendly living is becoming more and more popular and is now widely accepted. However, most Americans have no idea about the dangerous and toxic effects of something as simple as choosing a flooring finishing product.

Bona, a global leader in wood floor care, is committed to developing safe and sustainable products. It also focuses on raising awareness of the dangers of acid-treated finishes (sometimes called a “Swedish” finish). What I’ve often found is that homeowners and contractors simply don’t have all the information when making the decision to refinish.

“It’s important that they know they have options, and they can go a long way to the health of the home and the longevity of the floor,” says Matt Hudson, Puna’s regional sales manager for West.

Bona was the first in the industry to offer a complete system of waterborne hardwood floor finishing products that are a safer and more sustainable option for acid treatment. Today, the company leads the market with Bona Traffic HD finishes, which are the industry standard and the core of the hardwood flooring industry.

Bona waterborne products are clear, colorless and quick drying. Most importantly, it is a safe product that does not emit toxic gases, which means that the family can still live in their home while the floors are refinished. The finish Bona Traffic HD is Greenguard certified, one of the highest ratings possible for sustainable and eco-friendly. Bona products have been extensively tested with results showing that waterborne finishes hold up just as well, if not better than acid-treated floor finishes.

By contrast, acid-treated finishes emit harmful gases and toxins. While the initial dry period is a little quicker, it can leave gas in the house for anywhere from two weeks to two months. When using acid-treated finishes, families, their pets, and all foods (even those in the refrigerator) must be removed from the home during the refinishing process for health and safety reasons. And for those who love an amber acid-based finish, Bona has safe waterborne sealants that can achieve the same look.

Bona helps educate contractors through the Bona Certified Craftsmen Program, which is now in its 10th year. The company searches for the best contractors in each region – people who are the best in their profession and who keep up with industry trends and standards – and offer training, education and networking opportunities.

The program also encourages innovation for cleaner, safer and more sustainable floor solutions. Bona collaborates with certified craftsmen to explore the challenges they face in this field. Several Bona innovations are the result of this collaboration including a dust containment system that extracts dust from the sanding process and eliminates the need to hang plastic around the house.

“There is a misconception that repainting floors is a dusty mess,” says Hudson, who helped develop the program. “It’s not true. Floor refinishing can be easy and straightforward with minimal dust and odor. Best of all, you get a beautiful floor as a result.”

Above all, refinishing the floor is an investment that will last for many years. At the end of the day, the decision is up to the consumer. Bona empowers homeowners to educate about the sustainable, health and safety impacts that waterborne finishes can have that far outweigh the cost of acid-based products.

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