Supremo Taco and Bakery Cafe Kupcakerie will open at two former auto stores on Memorial Drive in Grant Park, Atlanta

After announcing the take-out window will close on August 23 and the next move this winter, the new Memorial Drive location at Supremo Taco has now been confirmed.

Supremo Taco takes over the building just behind the current restaurant on the border of Memorial Drive, which was once home to Wheel Accent tire shop, Craig Habif of Habif Properties told Eater. Joining Supremo Taco is a second location for East Point Kupcakerie Bakery and Cafe, which takes over the building that was formerly home to L&D Auto Service and Repair at the rear of the property along Chastain Street. The Kupcakerie should open this fall.

Habiv says these are the only two tenants to have opened on the property, with the buildings currently undergoing renovation by individual restaurant owners.

Supremo Taco takes over the building directly along Memorial Drive, while Kupcakerie takes over the building at the rear of the property along Chastain Street.
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In an ad posted on Instagram earlier this week, Duane Colliers, owners of Supremo Taco and Omar Ferrer, noted that moving to a new building after three years in its current location was due to a lack of space. The restaurant runs both the kitchen and the takeaway window from a small brick building across the parking lot of the Grindhouse Killer Burgers. Basically an takeout operation, Supremo Taco includes no seating, except for a few permanent tables on the deck and a patio next to the restaurant.

With the move to a larger building, Kulers and Ferrer plan to introduce indoor dining, include a full bar, and introduce some new dishes on the menu when Supremo Taco reopens this winter. It is unclear whether the pair are expanding the square footage of the building or adding a patio for outdoor seating.

Kulers and Ferrer have not yet responded to Eater’s multiple requests for comment on their plans for the new location for Supremo Taco.

A group of people standing socially distant and in masks ready to order from the takeaway Supremo Taco window.  Photo taken from the parking lot towards a whitewashed brick building with the Supremo logo lit in bright neon green as the evening sunset, white jeep parked on the left

The current location of Supremo Taco.
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As for the Kupcakerie, owners Henry and Kascha Adeleye plan to serve gourmet cakes, pastries, and breakfast and lunch sandwiches on the menu at the new Memorial Drive location, as well as coffee using beans from Radio Roasters in Decatur. Kupcakerie is known for baking cupcakes in flavors like churro, key lime pie, banana pudding, and Madagascar vanilla bourbon.

The design plans required more indoor space for events and meeting areas geared toward Atlanta’s creative community. Henry Adeleye says the event space at the new location also features more outdoor space for larger events than those typically held at the couple’s East Point location.

709 Memorial Drive, Atlanta.;

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