Summary of ‘Bargain Block’: Season 2, Episode 3

“It’s not easy, but that’s what we do.”

This is Evan Thomas, talking about the vision he shares with his life and business partner Keith Bynum to transform Detroit one block at a time.

In Episode 3 of Season 2, the couple find a nice block in northwest Detroit with only two homes in need of rehab. The couple buys the first, a 1,200-square-foot bungalow, with three bedrooms and one bathroom, for $25,000. It sounds like a theft, until you think of the living room’s warping floors and collapsing front wall, as a result of water damage caused by a hole in the ceiling.

But Bynum is always optimistic. “The house has a lot of charm, and I want to try to preserve as much of that as possible,” he says.

Built in 1951, Bynum called this home “The Fifties Home” and Thomas budgets Reno at $70,000. As usual, the potential profit margin is minimal. But Thomas and Beaume are not into it for the money. This is what we know a lot.

Bynum envisions this house as “modern with a sense of nostalgic elements,” but he doesn’t want it to go “nicely cute.” He plans to incorporate plenty of velvet, including a green sofa and an original piece of art in navy and gray.

The couple had barely started working on the house when the owner of the house next door called them – the only other home in need of repair on the block. The owner had started working on the house himself, but now he’s ready to get out from under it. He offers to sell the house of Bynum and Thomas for 40 thousand dollars, and they accept it. This way, they have their next project in the pipeline.

Working in two homes next to each other simultaneously allows the spouse to double the efficiency. The new bungalow, like the first, has three bedrooms and one bathroom and is 1,200 square feet. But they are decorated differently, and somehow the rooms feel oversized.

Bynum calls this home a “Chunky House” and explains that it will be a “conceptual home of epic proportions, avant-garde with experimental furniture, oversized decor and oversized tiles in funky shapes and patterns. Oversized and grand in design.”

After opening a very successful home in the 1950s, the house is selling for the asking price of $110,000. Demand is so high that the dynamic duo’s real estate partner, Shea Whitfield, shoves them to complete Chunky House. She demands that they increase their schedule by a week, which results in the couple taking out their old air mattress and camping at home on the last night as they try to finish everything in time.

Of course they do. And interest in Chunky House is even greater than in the 1950s. Even though the episode ended before the house was sold, it’s inconceivable that they didn’t receive their asking price of $120,000.

A highlight of the show is when the couple visits the Eastern Market in Detroit to buy flowers for landscaping. The couple speak to a third-generation salesman whose grandfather began selling in the market in 1927. Speaking of the highlights, somewhere in between the completion of the two homes, Whitfield announced she was pregnant. Bynum and Thomas are thrilled, especially when Bynum secures permission to decorate the baby’s nursery.

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