Subaru service center plan in Fayetteville gets commission approval

FAYETTEVILLE – Adventure Subaru will have a service center less than a mile from the main campus after a planning committee vote on Monday.

Commissioners voted 7-0 to approve a development plan for a 35,321-square-foot service center for Adventure Subaru on Foxglove Drive, west of North Shiloh Drive. Crain Volkswagen and Hyundai dealerships are located immediately east of the 4.38-acre property.

The Adventure Subaru agent is located on Henbest Drive, less than 1 mile south of the property. Owner David Nelms told the commission that the Foxglove Drive property is intended to be an auxiliary facility for service and parts, as well as shipping and receiving.

“We really just want this to work for our service, parts and detail operations to support our agency, which continues to grow,” he said.

Rows of single family homes are located to the west of the property. The Northwest Arkansas Land Trust owns more than 120 wooded acres nearby, primarily north of the site.

The plan came with two requests to differ from the city code. One had to contend with the lack of a prominent street-facing entrance. The other dealt with driveway connections to the surrounding property.

The delegates agreed that the requests were appropriate for the intended use of the facility. Commissioner Rob Sharp said creating connections to other properties would serve no purpose. Commissioner Quentin Canada said the building does not need a prominent street-facing entrance because customers will not come to watch the cars.

Audy Lack of MBL Architecture said the plan includes an outdoor patio area with seating near the entrance to a staff break room on the south side of the property.

In other acts, the committee voted 7-0 to recommend redistricting about 20 acres on Old Farmington Road, northwest of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and One Mile Road. The property is located on the southern slope of Mt. Millsap.

The rezoning will change the land from a single family residential area allowing up to 8 acres to a neighborhood conservation area. Both areas are single family residential areas. However, neighborhood preservation allows homes to be built within 25 feet of the street, while existing zoning requires that homes be rebuilt within 15 feet of the street. The city council will have the final say on the redistricting.

Brian Teague of Community by Design said the request was to allow homes closer to the street. Tig is in the middle of a project to put groups of homes on the property. The property was rezoned last year in cooperation with the project.

The space between the front doors of homes on different sides of the street will be reduced to 50 feet under the new area, instead of 70 feet under the existing subdivision. Teague said the reduced offer will encourage cars to move slower. He said the new zoning would allow developers to create more than an acre of additional tree protection space.

Teague said that the project will continue to be built at a density of 8 feddan units.

Commissioner Matt Johnson was absent from Monday’s meeting. The commission also has a vacancy following the election of Mike Federker to city council on February 8.

Committee work

The planning committee met in Fayetteville on Monday and agreed to:

Repartition of a quarter acre on Hollywood Avenue south of Martin Luther King Jr. Street from a single-family condominium of up to 4 units per acre to a community service area. The application will go to the city council for final approval.

Rezoning 1.7 acres on 54th Street South Weddington Drive from single-family residential units up to 4 acres and agricultural uses to multi-family condominiums up to 6 acres, consistent with subdivision of adjacent property. The application will go to the city council for final approval.

Source: Fayetteville

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