Students develop gardening skills thanks to the home builder’s donation

Students at Charleston School in Aberdeen are enjoying outdoor learning and gardening thanks to a donation from Stewart Millen Homes.

Housebuilder has donated £1,000 as part of the Eco-Gardens initiative, which aims to support green space development and sustainability in the communities in which they build.

The cash was used to buy timber to build farms in a new sensory area, lamps and compost, a selection of baby-friendly tools and watering cans. It has also been geared towards renovating the school shed, as well as after collecting rainwater and drainpipes to help water the plants.

The Eco-Gardening Initiative gave students the opportunity to take ownership of plants and green spaces, learn how fruits and vegetables grow and how all of this can be linked to a healthy lifestyle. Stewart Milne Homes said they hope to inspire the next generation of gardeners to experience the joys of growing their own plants and vegetables.

In addition to the funding, schoolchildren also got high-visibility jackets to help keep them safe while outdoors.

Stewart Milne Homes continues to advance its Charleston development, creating two, three, four, five and six bedroom homes in the seaside village of Cove, just two minutes’ walk from the Charleston School.

“We are very proud to support the School of Charleston with funding to help them improve garden areas within the school grounds and create vibrant spaces for outdoor learning and natural play,” said Tanya Foley, Sales Director of Charleston Development at Stewart Milne Homes. “It is great to see the school nurturing A love of nature from an early age and helps inspire pupils to learn about the environment around them.

“The school is at the heart of our Charleston development, so we were thrilled to come to the school to see firsthand the children’s enthusiasm for gardening and creating new spaces around their school that they can be proud of. This closely echoes our people first approach to communities, where it is always the creation of spaces for families to enjoy Outdoors is common.

“Outdoor learning is an integral part of our curriculum as it supports the development of healthy, active lifestyles in our students and has been shown to help increase their confidence, social skills, and communication,” said Dan Hall, School Delegate at The School of Charleston. “We would like to thank Stewart Milne Homes for their donation. Generous who has gone a long way to not only improve the green areas around the school, but also to inspire a new love for the outdoors in many of our students.

“Taking ownership of the green spaces around the schools and planting flowers and watching them grow was a great opportunity for the students to learn about science and nature, and they really enjoyed seeing the results when the plants start to flower. The jackets will be used all year round to keep the children safe as we continue to improve areas outdoors, including our plan to develop an outdoor play area that the entire school can benefit from.”

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