Strange GTA 5 glitch shows a mechanic hitting the car

Grand Theft Auto 5 It is famous not only for its vast free-to-roam world and top-notch gameplay but also for providing some of the most hilarious glitches in the gaming world. Reddit user ppguccicrocs recently posted a video from a Grand Theft Auto 5 Very funny and strange glitch. A defect turns a regular stop in the repair shop into a disaster.

The video in question is short and begins with a daily activity of the player driving his sports car into a garage, in this case at Los Santos Customs. Everything seems to be going great on its way inside, until the camera angle changes and the car comes sliding sideways into the garage at high speed, hitting the mechanic in the road. The car stopped quickly as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

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The glitch is a strange glitch where players usually only see the animation of the car slowly rolling into the building. The car does not control the player after entering a repair shop, or what some still call a push-spray – a slight modification to the car model can be observed before the change in point of view. In this case, though, Pegassi Tempesta comes drifting and hitting the mechanic on his way to his designated spot. While GTA 5 Mistakes often kill players, and this targets the innocent mechanic.

Even the ragdoll mechanic’s physics seem to be missing, the character model just disappears. If anything, it’s a clear indication that nothing like this should ever happen. A quick look at the video doesn’t give much of an explanation as to why this happens – the entrance looks completely normal and there are no cars nearby, which is what appears in the third person view of the car entering the garage. Fortunately, the game has many players, after all Grand Theft Auto 5 It is one of the best-selling games of all time, and investigators soon discovered the problem. From the mini map, it appears that there is a car coming from the edge towards the player’s location at a very high speed.

This perfectly timed crash appears to have resulted in the Tempesta getting more forward momentum and a slight deflection that apparently kills an unnamed mechanic in a flannel shirt. There is no confirmation whether the character was killed or removed from the game in any way, and whether this affected the performance of the repair shop. Perhaps it is worth noting that a mechanic can be killed in GTA 5 When the garage door is open. For example, the player can drive over the person or shoot them while they are inside the garage. This, however, was definitely not the way grand theft auto Developer Rockstar intended the character to die.

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