Some new Audis have a ‘semiconductor shortage package’

It’s no secret that automakers are making some drastic cuts in order to keep delivering vehicles. After all, it’s not like they want parking lots full of cars that can be seen from space and have nowhere to go – that’s just piles of money. Instead, they shipped vehicles without certain features, including Audi.

It’s been going on for months at this point, and they’re fairly transparent about the whole ordeal, with most car companies even offering discounts on missing features. The latest, however, has alerted us to the missing feature packs in a playfully crafted package.

I present to you the Audi “Semiconductor Shortage Package”, or as I like to call it: “Safety features and other things I definitely want for my car.”

This “package” is not the kind you would normally see added at the merchant; There is no invisible paint protection film or appearance package here. Hell, not even nitrogen-filled tires. It’s just a direct removal of premium features in order to keep pumping vehicles amid a shortage of global parts.

center lane? Nonsense! Adaptive cruise? Foof! a public telephone!? I will charge my Nokia 3310 the old fashioned way, thank you very much. I mean, who really needs those premium features in a $55,000 luxury SUV, anyway?

In fact, a lot of Audi customers. In fact, if you read through the many forum posts and Reddit threads that touch on the missing features, a lot of people are really upset about their invalidation, and some are even engrossed enough to say that it will result in a not selling.

I contacted two Audi dealerships about the package and both declined. I have also emailed Audi’s media relations department but have not received a response as of press time.

Just to clarify, Audi is not alone in this kind of behaviour. Many automakers suffered from a shortage of spare parts—BMW, Ford, Tesla, and many others took similar paths simply because of the chaotic scarcity of semiconductors. Strange to see it listed this way.

I’ll give Audi some credit for being transparent and remembering what was removed from the car in advance, both on its website and in the car summary. But it’s oddly displayed like some sort of options package, as if the buyer benefits from removing this stuff.

I’m sure there will be a few people jumping in the comments who are happy to reject modernity and embrace fully-controlled driving. I don’t blame them even a bit. But let’s be real – if you’re buying the Q5 S-Line, you’ll probably want these features. These may not be easily added down the line either.

But, on the plus side, at least you get a discount.

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