Shop window with car and driver

Mix yourself with the largest bowl of Mai Tai and stick a flower behind your ear in this episode of car and driver Window Shop, a video stream that appears somewhat weekly, depending on how many people manage to finish our real work.

Someone seems to have a vacation on their mind this week, as the challenge was tropical: searching for a car for sale on any of the Hawaiian islands. The budget was $15,000, with a $5,000 bonus unlockable by wearing a Hawaiian shirt for the shoot. Has anyone noticed these caveats? Is this your first time here?

Possible vacationers include KC Colwell, sea turtle friend Jonathon Ramsay, professional hula dancer John Burley Hoffman, Ilana Sher drunk Pina Colada, and potential volcanic sacrifice Tony Quiroga.

Things started with a mint Volkswagen – mint is like colored toothpaste, not so much in the case of the pool. “Is that a check engine light?” Maybe it was, but as Burley pointed out, he only had to go on throughout his vacation. Cher chose a small size, but scores big for finding a car with graphics that fit island life, as well as making a map that identifies every racetrack on every island. Ramsay and Colwell made sensible choices, and at first it seems like Ramsay has a big hit with a truck that makes everyone outdo themselves – as much as choosing his wardrobe – quickly losing ground for going over budget and choosing a car that isn’t actually in Hawaii. Colwell wins over Burley by attracting deep loyalty to his brand. Quiroga comes hot with an option that terrifies most of the team, with the exception of Scherr, who is seeking a raise. He has the last laugh even though he’s the only member of the group who has physical tickets to actual Hawaii next month.

Instead of voting, the gang argued about frog licking and the exact switching between “island time” and mainland time as that applies to zero to 60 innings, and in the end maybe we picked a winner or maybe we just called so Burley could catch a flight. Not to Hawaii. Let us know what to choose for a Hawaii road trip, and which beaches do you think Quiroga should visit on his next vacation.

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