See 7 design trends, plus pandemic-inspired needs, in Houzz’s Summer Trends Report

Palo Alto, CA – The online community of architecture, home design, and decor has set an ongoing focus on the outdoors, making home design and “Barndo” homes a hot trend this summer.

Howes identified the hottest emerging home design trends based on the latest research insights from the community of homeowners, home design enthusiasts, and home professionals.

Keeping focus on the outdoors

With more than half of home renovations involving outdoor upgrades, according to the 2022 US Houzz & Home Study, consumers continue to look for ways to enjoy the outdoor space of their homes. Some of the major searches this spring have focused on drought-tolerant landscapes and rooftop hot tubs.

making entrance

Front doors take center stage as consumers pay attention to first impressions of their homes. Popular searches included “iron front doors” and “front door handles” as well as more interest in green and red front doors.

Lighting Indication

Homeowners are looking for statement pieces to brighten their interiors, with focal lighting such as extra-large chandeliers, lantern chandeliers, faux pendant lights and bamboo pendants, all of which are very popular.

specific patterns

Whatever the style, homeowners look for personalized decor and hire designers to get the look they want. Some of the most popular searches include “mid-century modern kitchen ideas” (6x more than last year) and “beach style design ideas”, up 2.5 times.

Mid-century modern in the mind

Regardless of the space, this look draws a lot of attention, even to the materials and lines associated with Mid-Century Modern style, such as “Kit Kat tile”, “Bouclat” and “Curved sofa”.

Bardo Houses

The idea of ​​barn houses evokes a simpler lifestyle, which appears to be an ambitious goal according to emerging research at Houzz. The term “Barndo” has increased 2.5 times compared to the same period last year. Common characteristics include clean lines, high ceilings, and open floor plans.

Space maximization

Consumers are making the most of their homes by looking for space saving tips and ways to make their rooms look bigger. In addition to storage items, furniture with multiple functions and items that make the space look the most are seeing an increase in searches.

Epidemiological trends

Some of the major searches generated by epidemiological purchases and trends include fur-friendly design furniture for new pets (eg “chair seat covers”); new “cloffice” furniture, a newly coined term referring to a closet that has been converted into a workspace; and ideas for designing small spaces for high rise annexe units (ADUs).

The data reflects the annual growth in US searches on Houzz in January-March 2022 compared to January-March 2021. Read the full report here.

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