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Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas is the mainstay of the fleet, offering a mix of fun activities on board a fairly recently modernized cruise ship.

Adventure of the Seas is a Voyager Class cruise ship, which means it’s a medium-sized ship in the Royal Caribbean fleet. Although it’s not as big as the other ships, it still packs a lot for families to enjoy.

Plus, the value you can get with an Adventure of the Seas booking is great, as Royal Caribbean International often has much lower sailing prices than the largest ships sailing on the same itinerary.

Adventure of the Seas sails from a variety of places in North America and Northern Europe. Its native ports include Cape Liberty, New Jersey, and Galveston, Texas.

Here’s a look at what Adventure of the Seas has to offer on board, and what makes it a great choice for a cruise.

Overview of the sea adventure

Royal Caribbean Seas Adventures is the third cruise line of the Voyager Class cruise ships, launched in 2001.

It has 14 passenger decks and has a maximum capacity of 3,807 guests (although its regular occupancy in a double space is 3,114).

In 2016 and 2018, it underwent a $61 million upgrade that added new dual water slides, Cyclone and Typhoon, the popular FlowRider surf simulator, and a children’s water park, Splashaway Bay. They have also added a new sushi restaurant and over 100 new deluxe rooms, refurbished all existing deluxe rooms and a brand new suite lounge.

With a gross tonnage of 138,193 tons and a length of 1,020 feet, it’s not a small ship. It accommodates nearly 4,000 guests with a double capacity, 14 guest-accessible floors, and 1,963 deluxe rooms.

Like all Voyager-class ships, it has a royal walkway that runs through the middle of the ship and is the main thoroughfare, with shopping and dining to enjoy.

Fun things to do in Adventure of the Seas

You’ll find plenty of onboard activities at Adventure of the Seas in Royal Caribbean, starting from the pool deck.

The Adventure has two main swimming pools side-by-side and several jacuzzis, as well as an adults-only solarium (only 16+). The solarium has a pool and hot tub.

Kids will enjoy the Splashaway Bay water park, which has mini slides, a immersion bucket, water heaters, and plenty of areas to roam.

In the back half of the pool deck are the Perfect Storm water slides, which contain twin racer slides.

You can also hit the sports fields, try a rock climbing wall, or even the FlowRider surf simulator. All of these trials are free.

The FlowRider offers both stand-up surfing and boogie boarding options throughout the ride.

There is a two-level mini golf course, known as Adventure Dunes, that is free to enjoy.

In terms of activities, you will find a variety of everyday things to do on the ship. Each day, the Cruise Compass is distributed to guests with a guide to when and where each activity is planned.

Examples of activities you can expect include:

  • General Trivia
  • The name of this tune
  • karaoke
  • gaming software
  • art auction
  • Dance fitness classes
  • Movies on the outdoor cinema screen
  • Tummy flip competition

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There is also a variety of live music at Adventure of the Seas. From bands to soloists, you will find different venues offering live music all day long.

Three venues each evening provide a signature live music experience in the Caribbean, with a pianist at Bar Schooner, guitarist at the pub, and a Latin band at Boleros.

Every evening at the Theater Royal, there will be a show. It can be a comedy, musical, magician, or dance show.

Game shows are also hosted every day of your cruise, where guests are invited to try their skills in games such as “Battle of the Sexes”, “Love and Wedding game show” and more.

Another must-do event is free skating in Studio B. On select days, the Royal Caribbean opens the ice rink for guests to skate. Skates and equipment are provided at no additional cost. You just need long pants and socks to share.

Sea dining adventure

Your Royal Caribbean fare includes meals and snacks, along with some drinks. There is also the option to spend more and dine at specialty restaurants.

The good news is that you will definitely not go hungry on this trip with all the dining options.

Free dining spots at Adventure of the Seas:

  • main dining room،
  • Windjammer MarketOpen buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of American and international cuisine
  • Promenade CaféIt is a small café serving specialty coffees and teas along with small takeaway items such as cakes and sandwiches. There’s also free pizza here by the slice
  • Arctic regionPoolside Frozen Yogurt Smoothie

Specialty dining spots in Adventure of the Seas:

  • feathers grilleThe special steak house in Royal Caribbean
  • Izumi SushiJapanese cuisine and sushi
  • Giovanni Table Italian RestaurantClassic Italian food featuring fresh pasta
  • Johnny RocketsIt is a 1950s American style restaurant with milkshakes, burgers and fries
  • Chef’s tableAn intimate group dining experience where each course is paired with wine
  • Ben and JerryServes scoops of ice cream, sundae and milkshakes
  • Room serviceNearly 24 hours delivery service to your cabin.

Should you spend more to eat specialty food? It depends on your taste and budget.

There is nothing wrong with food included in your cruise fare. The main dining room and Windjammer offer plenty of food for every meal, and you are likely to dine there and be fully satisfied.

What specialty food does offer is a larger selection of foods that many cruisers really enjoy. Steaks, lasagna, sushi, and more are what you get by eating specialty and in many cases, these foods aren’t available at free venues. Moreover, the food quality tends to be higher than similar offerings in dining rooms.

Most people tend to reserve mixes, and sprinkle specialty food to increase the size of the main dining room or buffet.

Adventure of the Seas bars & lounges

You will find many bars and lounges to enjoy a cocktail during your cruise.

Here is a list of bars and lounges at Adventure of the Seas:

  • Schooner Bar
  • Bolero
  • Solarium bar
  • Casino Bar
  • Imperial Lounge
  • Duck & Dog English Pop
  • champagne bar
  • The Plaza Bar (Windjammer)
  • Viking Crown Lounge (Blue Moon)
  • Diamond Club
  • lounge suite

Most of the bars have the same drink list, so what sets each one apart is the decor. Some are quieter, while others focus more on music or entertainment.

Schooner Bar is a staple of the Royal Caribbean’s fleet, with live piano music every night of the cruise. It’s a great place to sing and have a drink.

If you prefer something a little more relaxed, take a look at the Blue Moon at the Viking Crown Lounge on Deck 14. There are great views of the pool deck and surrounding area.

Kids Club

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Adventure Ocean is the name of the kids club at Adventure of the Seas, and it’s available for kids between the ages of 3 and 17.

Adventure Ocean is divided into four age groups, each with its own programs and age-appropriate rooms:

  • Aquanuts (3-5 years)
  • explorers (6-8 years)
  • travelers (9-11 years old)
  • teens (12-17 years)

Adventure Ocean is mostly free, except for childcare after 10pm.

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Aside from the day of departure, there are two types of Adventure Ocean opening hours: port days and sea days.

On sea days, Adventure Ocean is usually open

  • 9 am – noon
  • 2 PM – 5 PM
  • 7 PM – 10 PM

On port days, Adventure Ocean is open for as long as your ship is in the Caribbean in port. Once the ship leaves port, it resumes the usual schedule indicated on sea days.

There is also an arcade at Adventure Ocean which is open to guests of all ages, although it comes at an additional cost.

On the first day of their Royal Caribbean cruise, guests can check-in their kids at Adventure Ocean before Adventure Ocean opens. While you can check-in the kids at any time on the cruise, take advantage of the open house on the day of departure for the ultimate experience.

Recreational sea adventure

You’ll find performances taking place at two venues in Adventure of the Seas: the Lyric Theater and the ice rink in Studio B.

At the Theater Royal, there are different shows that are performed every night. This includes a welcome show on board on the first night and a farewell show on the last night. In the middle, singers and dancers perform shows such as Invitation to dance And the The rock can’t be stopped.

Guests can enjoy at Studio B Fantastic art…hot ice!, an ice skating show, described as “a journey through time and space. The story unfolds when Arthur falls in love with a lifelike statue. His muse leads him on a strange journey where nothing really is as it seems.” It’s a fun show worth watching for talented ice skaters.

Outside of featured productions, a variety of other entertainment can be found at Adventure of the Seas, including live music, karaoke, and game shows.

Spa & Fitness

If you’re looking to forget what you care about, or stay in shape, while on board the Adventure of the Seas, Vitality Spa and Fitness Center is where you want to go.

The fitness center is free (although classes cost extra) and has cardio and strength equipment that you can use on a first-come-first-served basis.

At the spa, you can book an appointment for massages, facials or salon treatments. All of this is an extra cost. Port days often have better discounts than sea days, so be sure to inquire about any onboard specials at the spa.

sea ​​adventure review

Although it’s not the newest or most attractive ship in the fleet, Adventure of the Seas has plenty to do on board at a very reasonable price.

The Voyager-Class cruise ship is an excellent value, as it’s still big ships with plenty of activity that doesn’t cost much to sail with. It has the iconic spots most people would expect with a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, so there aren’t many compromises aside from the lack of the absolute latest innovations.

People considering Adventure of the Seas often worry that they’ll make the mistake of booking a 20-year-old ship instead of the newer ones. The truth is that the life of the ship is not what it used to be, and recent upgrades in 2016 and 2018 have raised the bar for what you can do on board. Yes, it is one of the oldest ships, but that’s not all, what makes a ship great.

If there’s something Adventure of the Seas is lacking, the deluxe rooms still feel old compared to the cabins on the new Oasis or Quantum-Class ships. Besides the decor, there is less storage space.

Plus, the suite experience at Adventure pales in comparison to the services and amenities you get for staying in a suite on Oasis or Quantum-Class ships. Of course, the price for a suite is much lower at Adventure, and the Suite Lounge and concierge services are still great.

What draws us to Adventure of the Seas is the price. You can sail the Adventure of the Seas for probably half the cost of a new ship, and unlike the smaller Royal Caribbean ships, there’s still plenty to do. For most families, they should find enough activities to keep them occupied without feeling like the ship is lacking much.

The crew members at Adventure of the Seas have always been very good, and they work hard to deliver a great cruise experience.

If you’re a new cruiser, the Adventure of the Seas is one of those cruise ships that won’t feel out of place because of the extra space and fun things to do. The Voyager-Class ships are destination experiences, making them a good choice for a first-time cruiser.

Between the offerings of value and fun, you’ll have no problem enjoying a relaxing cruise aboard the Adventure of the Seas.

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