Says thieves who resort to new ways to get into homes, ‘crime stoppers’

Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers is warning the public to be careful about what they leave outside, as residents change their strategies for how they get to homes.

“Police tell us that using garage door openers is the biggest thing,” Linda Annis, executive director of Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers, said Thursday. “Just a few years ago, the main thing was to warn homeowners how to prevent scammers from breaking into doors and windows, but affordable home alarms and video equipment are starting to change that for the better.”

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Crime Stoppers said detectives who find thieves get in by opening garage doors from collisions left unlocked in driveways.

“You don’t have to break windows or lock your doors if they can open your garage door,” Anees said. “If the door from the garage to your house wasn’t locked, you just told thieves to ‘directly come in’. And don’t leave a spare key under a flower pot either. Everyone knows it.”

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Investigators recommend not leaving anything outside, including stairs that could help thieves reach open windows on the upper floors.

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Metro Vancouver Crime Stoppers recommends 9 in 9 approach to home security.

This includes nine common sense things to check every night at 9 p.m.

  1. Remove everything from inside your car: valuables, garage door vents, empty bottles, and spare parts.
  2. Roll up car windows tightly and lock all doors.
  3. Make sure all garage doors are locked and locked, including the interior door that leads from the garage into your home.
  4. Close stairs, bikes, and garden equipment.
  5. Lock and lock all doors and windows in your home, even if it’s hot outside.
  6. Set an alarm and check your video security equipment. Can you see your front door activity on your phone app?
  7. Leave the porch light on all night, so your front door doesn’t hide in the dark.
  8. Ensure boxes from online deliveries are quickly received from your front step.
  9. Ask a neighbor to pick up newspapers and flyers at your door when you’re away. A pile of papers on the doorstep says “Nobody at home”.

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