ROCCAT Kone XP Gaming Mouse Review

Gaming mice have come a long way over the past 10 years. Gone are the days of cleaning dust from our trackball mice or mixing 45 different keys on your keyboard to activate all of our spells and abilities. In today’s wonderful world of gaming, we are welcomed by mice that suit everyone’s wants and needs. Whether it’s bells, lights or whistles, there is a mouse to suit everyone’s imagination.

Among a large group of amazing mice developers, ROCCAT is in the business of making exceptional and affordable gaming products. Over the years, they have improved their craft and introduced some truly innovative and innovative gaming accessories.

One of their latest innovations is the Kone XP which comes from a breed of exceptionally comfortable mice. Designed from the ground up to provide a convenient and comfortable experience for gamers, Kone XP attempts to provide a refined level of customization for your gaming experience. Could ROCCAT improve its already solid line of Kone mice? Grab that coffee, relax and find out in our review of the Kone XP gaming mouse from ROCCAT.


  • current price: $89.99 (Amazon)
  • sensor: ROCCAT Owl-Eye 19K . Optical Sensor
  • lifting distance: modifiable
  • Acceleration: 50 g
  • Min/Max DPI: 50/19000
  • keys: ROCCAT Titan Switch Optical
  • life cycle: 100 million
  • button number: 15th
  • Programmable functions: 29
  • Thumb buttons: 5
  • grip style: everybody
  • cable: 1.8m flexible cable
  • memory: internal memory
  • light: 3D RGB lighting (19 single LEDs)
  • Weight: 104 g

Unique Rokat by design

The Kone XP is one of the most comfortable and uniquely designed mice I’ve reviewed. As a long-time user of large MMO mice, I was initially a little skeptical of their slimmer design. But once I plugged it in and started using it, I was impressed by how comfortable the Kone XP really was. My palms are larger than average and as a result, tend to make slimmer mice disappear when I use them. However, the Kone XP fits perfectly in the palm of my hand and feels soft and calm to the touch.

Its unique shape provides better support for my thumb which is usually left to drag with the mouse when I play. I have found it very comfortable to use either the palm or the claw or the odd side claw grip that I have developed over the years of using the MMO mouse. The top of the mouse is made of smooth, clear plastic while the sides have a nice black plastic finish.

The 1.8m Phantom Flex cable connects the ROCCAT Programmable Power Unit to your computer via USB. Four polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFEGliders support the bottom of the Kone XP. This heat-resistant material is used in a variety of products but is known for its low friction and wear resistance and is an excellent material for providing a silky smooth experience for gamers.

Kone XP has fifteen huge buttons. What’s impressive here isn’t so much the number of buttons as there are mice with more to work with. What’s impressive is how well ROCCAT is positioned and, in some cases, straightforwardly hid the presence of certain buttons from the naked eye. These 15 buttons can actually be programmed to handle 29 different functions (more on this later) offering most of the functionality and customizations I’ve seen in a mouse with programmable buttons.

Speaking of buttons, the Kone XP comes with ROCCAT hardware Titan switch optical. In essence, these switches provide optical key precision with the tactile response of a traditional gaming mouse. Additionally, Titan Switch Optical allows for drag-click and the addition of ROCCAT Swarm software means the user can select how well the mouse will respond to drag-click.

The Kone XP comes with a Krystal 4D wheel that not only provides accurate and responsive vertical tap and swipe but offers left and right tapping. This adds two additional entries to your programmable arsenal. Additional top buttons along with the profile switch and four side buttons make up all but one of the buttons on the Kone XP. The last button is located where the thumb would normally rest on the mouse and is assigned (by default at least) to the Easy-Shift function.

One power… a button

Kone XP comes with ROCCAT’s Easy-Shift function. While holding the dedicated Easy-Shift button, the functionality of almost every other button can be toggled with ROCCAT Swarm. This allows for some great combos and hot swapping of buttons. While there was a bit of a learning curve, I quickly found the Easy-Shift function to increase the speed with which I was able to get things done.

I tested Kone XP with two variants and created custom profiles for each game. In the case of Destiny 2, I was able to set the reload and finish to the left and right mouse buttons in the Easy-Shift profile. This means that I never have to take my fingers off the A, W, S, and D keys and instead can simply press the Easy-Shift key (which is where my thumb is normally) and left click to reload or right click to get finishes.

The response time is immediate and as such means that my response time was actually faster for these procedures. I applied this logic to Diablo 3, and plotted some regular keyboard shortcuts like inventory and spells on different keys on my mouse. Accessing these items has become much more convenient and does not take up additional space on the mouse. Easy-Shift can handle a variety of Windows functions, macro programming and hotkey binding as well, making it exceptionally customizable.

It is a very powerful tool and I find myself wanting to make use of it more and more. Since it’s a Windows-only program, I wasn’t able to test it with my editing software, but for those who edit with a Windows machine, there’s plenty of room to create custom layouts for your editing needs as well. Overall, it’s a great piece of hardware backed by great software.

I’ve noticed one area of ​​difficulty with the Easy-Shift default settings. Since it’s set by default, when using my thumb to hold down the Easy-Shift button, I couldn’t really use the four side buttons on the mouse. This, of course, can be easily fixed by assigning Easy-Shift to another button but this requires the benefit of using my two index fingers. That means taking my finger off the trigger, so to speak.

This left me at a bit of a disadvantage, especially in shooter games, and so I was left to sacrifice the four side buttons when it came to Easy-Shift programming. It would be nice to see a dedicated Easy-Shift button on the right side of the mouse to tap your ring or pinky finger which, let’s face it, gets a free ride every time you play. They also mind being put to work.

Rokat squadron: powerful and complex

Kone XP is managed by ROCCAT’s Swarm software. Swarm actually combines bits and pieces from some of the other legacy software from ROCCAT to create a comprehensive solution not just for Kone XP but for a host of other ROCCAT products.

Swarm Kone XP gives a huge boost in customization. Everything from standard scroll speed, tilt speed, and double-tap speed is present along with the DPI converter profiles. All of these settings can actually be modified and assigned to several different profiles, linked to specific apps and profiles created by others and can be imported into Swarm allowing external input into your setup.

There is a macro manager with a bunch of pre-existing games that are already loaded and ready to go. In addition, you are free to create your own widgets using the powerful set of tools baked into Swarm. I did spend some time with my gadgets but soon found myself bringing pre-existing gadgets for things like Pet Attack in World of Warcraft. It’s all there and fully customizable.

Kone XP prides itself on being able to program 29 separate functions into the mouse and all of this is handled in Swarm. Under the Set button tab, you will find everything you need to customize each button. There are actually a bunch of options that can be assigned to each button from media control in windows to shutting down your computer. Special timers and internet functions can also be set for those who want to take advantage of the productivity options in Kone XP. The macros and hotkeys mentioned above can also be assigned to any of the buttons.

Lighting is also handled by Swarm and the Kone XP is not lacking in lighting. Packed with 19 individual LEDs across 8 light guides, you’ll find no shortage of fun ways to customize the look of your mouse. Swarm also supports AIMO, ROCCAT Talk, and FX allowing you to customize and connect ROCCAT devices together. It’s powerful and fairly straightforward to get up and running.

One final note on Swarm; I’ve only scratched the surface for how customizable it is. There is an entire page dedicated to things like polling rate, distance control, bounce time and angle to name a few. ROCCAT has packed a lot of features into this mouse and has been deeply involved in offering the most customizable experience you could possibly want. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if this is your first programmable mouse. However, ROCCAT has made Swarm easy to use by default, so I encourage you to take the time to master the program. It works great out of the box, so there’s no pressure to understand every aspect of this amazing mouse on day one.

Master’s degree in precision

Kone XP looks great, is packed with features, and offers a comprehensive software suite that lets you customize it to your heart’s content. However, everything is muted if it doesn’t work as well as a mouse. In that department, Roccat didn’t block anything. Kone XP slips on and works very well. The Kone XP uses ROCCAT’s Owl-Eye optical sensor to handle recording motion during gameplay. In my tests, I found it to be accurate, responsive, and smooth.

In fact, with support for a polling rate of 1000 Hz, every movement is translated on the screen. Kone XP also supports angle capture for those interested. For those unfamiliar with corner capture, the mouse will proactively try to guess which direction you want to move based on your current path while ignoring subtle movements in other directions. It can come in handy in some situations while playing but I found it a bit awkward to try and get used to it. It is disabled by default but is available for those interested.

I appreciate the responsiveness of the buttons, too. As mentioned, Titan Switch Optical aims to give optical switching precision with the tactile response of a traditional gaming mouse. In my testing, I found that there was no problem keeping up with the obsessive clicker (seriously, you should have seen me play ARPGs) and never missed a click. While using the Kone XP, it felt like you were using some of my favorite mice. It gave the same kind of haptic feedback that I’m used to.

last thoughts

The Kone XP from ROCCAT is arguably one of the most comfortable and innovative mice I’ve used in recent years. Its ergonomic design feels amazing under my hands, and the Easy-Shift, while not perfect, is a great addition to the mouse ecosystem. It offers a real advantage in functionality over many other mice on the market. At $89.99, it’s an incredibly affordable mouse and a huge upgrade for those looking to buy new gaming peripherals.

The product described in this article has been provided by the manufacturer for evaluation purposes.

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