Richard Petty’s signature 1970 Plymouth Superbird is now for sale

The Plymouth The Superbird and Dodge Daytona were some of NASCAR’s most powerful cars, so much so that authorities had to ban them from racing. None of these cars were given a chance to compete, and very few went to dealers, as part of NASCAR’s homologation.

One such 1970’s Plymouth Superbird was in the Bring A Trailer, and you might just be the perfect bad boy for your garage. interested?

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Make it green with envy

So since the 1970’s the Plymouth Superbird has been made green, getting spectators to go green with jealousy is already taken for granted. This classic 1970 model that sparked NASCAR rage comes with a black vinyl roof and black interior.

There’s both the long nose cone and the extra-large rear wing, along with some satin black graphics on the green paint for a cool look. Offered with a clean Florida title, the previous owners went and refurbished the car to their liking, while also maintaining it. It also comes with fender vents, chrome exhaust ports, hood pins, and special badges.

Under the hood, this car carries a matching figure of 440 cubic meters in a three-cylinder induction V8. The official factory-rated numbers were 390 horsepower and 480 lb-ft of torque although previous owners had rebuilt the engine, so power output could be much higher.

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Signed by Richard Petty

At the time of writing this article, there are nine days left to bid on this stunning piece of automotive history, and the current bid is $142K.

And if you look closely at the dashboard, it bears the signature of another NASCAR great, Richard Petty. Fabulous, isn’t it?

This isn’t an actual race car, of course, but it’s the legal version that’s compatible with it, and while it might not be able to touch the often-occurring top speed of 200 mph, many owners have claimed that such cars can touch anything in between 130 and 150 mph.

This car runs on a replaced Torqueflite three-speed automatic transmission and has power brakes with front discs, along with power steering. It rides on 15″ Rallye wheels and also has a push-button AM radio for an old-school feel.

It’s a classic to salivate, although it didn’t sell in large numbers back in the day considering the sheet metal yards front and back. And one commenter correctly said, “I always say these winged cars are the rock stars of the auto show world. If you’re shy you don’t want to own one of these!”

Source: BringaTrailer

Abandoned Roadrunner muscle car
The Plymouth superbird has been found sitting on the street since the early 1990s

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