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Border authorities have confiscated two luxury cars owned by Jokowi-Nimbudzia lawmaker, Judge Mayor Wadiagina, now facing fraud charges with three Kotko chiefs worth US$5 million, and impounded by Beitbridge border authorities to prevent their shipment to South Africa.

The red 2020 BMW X6 and 2019 Lamborghini, both high-performance sports cars, were transported from Harare to Beitbridge on a car carrier Thursday evening, security sources said.

According to the vehicle clearance documents, the two vehicles have been cleared by the CID Vehicle Theft Squad In Harare on Wednesday, a routine procedure before vehicles can leave the country.

“The yellow Lamborghini, engine number DHU005304, was driven by the legislator’s younger brother, Professor Tatenda Waagena (32) a footballer, and the red BMW X6 engine number 21470026 was driven by Kudakwashe Kuora (32), customs clearance agent, said a border official who requested anonymity. .

“We obtained information that the legislator was transferring his assets to South Africa prior to the conclusion of Kotko’s alleged fraud trial.

“The vehicles were transported on a car carrier and unloaded at Betbridge before being driven across the Betbridge border where we detained them.”

The official said the two vehicles arrived at the border post around 10 am and informed border officials that they were being transferred for routine service in South Africa.

Security agents were skeptical about a timing by the legislator to move the two cars shortly after they secured bail pending trial in the US$5 million Kotco fraud case.

When called for comment, Wadyajena promised to call back before being silent until time to go to print.

“I will call you later as soon as I’m settled,” said the MP from Jokowi-Nmbodzia.

For the better part of the day, the two impounded cars were the center of attraction for many travelers at the border.

Security officials had difficulty controlling those who sought to take pictures of the two luxury cars.

Security agents were skeptical about a timing by the legislator to move the two cars shortly after they secured bail pending trial in the US$5 million Kotco fraud case.

National Police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi was not readily available for comment last night.

The legislator, who chairs the Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture, has been accused of being part of a $5 million takeover of funds from Cotton of Zimbabwe, in particular that his carrier receives 25 trucks from a US company allegedly paid to supply bale ties to Kotco but instead From this it was alleged to have supplied the trucks seized by a supposedly Wadagina company.

The lawmaker was arrested Tuesday and charged with fraud and money laundering involving $5 million with three Kotco chiefs and two companies, including the mayor of logistics.

The other partners have been suspended as Managing Director of Kotco Bios Manamake (54), Chief Marketing Officer of Kotco Maxmore Nganji (47), and Acting Purchasing Manager of Kotco Fortunate Molay (34).

The Harare Magistrate granted each defendant a $200,000 bond and ordered the title deeds to be surrendered to their property as follows: surety.

The accusations suggest that sometime in 2019, the group opened racking company Pierpont Moncroix Zimbabwe.

Shortly thereafter, Molay recommended a Mauritian company with a similar name, but which the court was told had no connection with the Zimbabwean company, to supply Kotco with 3.2 million high carbon packets valued at US$2.6 million. To meet the needs of ginning for 2019 season.

Instead of importing bales, the group transferred the payments to a US company and then imported 25 trucks between 2019 and 2020 using bale tie cash and these trucks were later registered under Mayor Logistics.

In November of the same year, Manamike and Njanji were accused of issuing a second purchase order on behalf of Cottco, worth $1,106,000 for the purchase of bale ties from the same American Giant Equipment a company.

The order was then approved, although Giant Equipment failed to deliver the first order.

It is alleged that Molay sent an email to Kotco’s treasurer in November 2021 asking the company to pay a $2,500,000 deposit to Energy Park for further stale ties.

The funds were paid in installments with part of it transferred to Maropafadzo Energy (Pvt) Ltd.

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