Registered – After 60 years in the Dillon family, Chevrolet dealers have moved on to change

Publication date: 2/3/2022 5:42:35 PM
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Greenfield – After 60 years in the family, Chevrolet dealers on Main Street are starting to change their hands.

This week, Dillon Chevrolet will move to the McGovern Chevrolet of Greenfield, according to Jay Dillon, co-owner of the dealership at 54 Main St.

“We believe the timing was right … to make this transition for our benefit and the benefit of our families,” he said.

Jay Dillon and his brother, Tom Dillon Jr., are the second generation of the family’s ownership of Dillon’s Chevrolet. Their father, Tom Dillon, started the business in 1961.

“I think we found a great fit, not just for our employees but for the city of Greenfield,” Jay Dillon said of the new owners.

Dillon had previously said the sale was under contract late last year pending GM’s approval of the buyer. With this approval, the closing documents were signed this week.

Dillon, who will remain with the company, said his family is proud that they have been able to serve the community for so long.

“I am so grateful for the years of work our community has given us,” he said. It was a bittersweet decision. It is our identity. We were born into this business.”

Dillon, who has been with the company for 35 years, said his brother, Tom, is retiring after 43 years at the agency.

“When we graduated from college, we both joined,” he said. “We knew early on that we were car guys.”

He remembers days in his childhood when he was driving a new Chevrolet with his father.

“It was such a pleasure to be in a new Chevy, and to go fast, like little boys,” Dillon said.

The two brothers inherited the agency from their father in 1998.

“We are very proud of what we have accomplished over the years and that we have served the community and the community around it,” he said. “We are very happy that we have been able to support so many different charitable organizations over the years.”

Dillon said he wanted to get to know the employees who have been with them over the years. He noted that the 35 employees who are currently at the agency will continue to “business as usual.”

“We have benefited from having great, dedicated employees over the years that Delon Chevrolet has been in business,” he said.

McGovern Automotive Group, a group that sells new and used cars, is headquartered near Boston, with 15 locations spanning across Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York. The location in Greenfield will be the company’s first agent in western Massachusetts.

“We’re basically a car dealership group in Greater Boston, but we’re interested in heading west,” explained President Matt McGovern.

He said Chevrolet is a desirable brand, but he was also drawn to the “longstanding family relationship that Dillons have in the[Greenfield]community”.

“We’re hiring everyone,” he confirmed, noting that a few McGovern employees will be brought in as well. “And we definitely want to welcome all of our former Dillon customers again.”

Dillon said he is confident in the agent’s new leadership.

“I know[McGovern]has a long tradition of excellence in the auto industry,” he said. “We know McGovern will do a great job for the community.”

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