Quad Cities Teacher of the Week Fall 2022

The school is back in session and once again, B100 and Nothing Bundt Cakes wants to highlight our local Quad Cities teachers with our “Teacher of the Week” a program,. As you know, we need your help to reward our amazing QC gurus!

Our amazing Quad-City teachers are back in school to inspire, educate and guide our young people in Quad City to success. Every student and parent knows a teacher who is truly outstanding and deserves recognition. b 100 And the Nothing Bundt Cake We continue to highlight and reward these amazing teachers with this week’s Quality Control Instructor.

It’s fall 2022 and b 100 And the Nothing Bundt Cake They are back in schools to surprise once again great teachers across the Quad Cities with our QC Teacher of the Week Prize!

To thank the Quad Cities teachers in your local area, Nothing Bundt Cake And the b 100 A teacher will be chosen to win a cake from him Nothing Bundt Cake The swag bag of b 100! We know that every teacher is important and deserves this recognition, but again, we need you to nominate your favorite Quad Cities teacher to become Quality Control Instructor of the Week!

Whether you are a parent or a student, Fill out the form below and tell us the following:

  • Who is your favorite teacher (or children’s favorite)
  • What school are they studying at?
  • What subject and class are they studying?
  • Why are they (your child’s) favorite teacher?

Don’t forget, if you College student in YesAnd the AugustanaAnd the PalmerAnd the Saint AmbroseAnd the Western IllinoisAnd the black HawkAnd the ClintonAnd the ScottAnd the muscatineor any other community, college or private university, you can nominate favorite professor For this week’s QC guru, too!

every week, b 100 He will choose one teacher to highlight and recognize him for his hard work. They will provide a b 100 swag package, prize from Nothing Bundt Cakeand take a picture of the teacher of the week to put it on our app!

We thank all of our Quad Cities teachers for their hard work and dedication during this pandemic and hopefully we will get out of it. We cannot thank you enough for continuing to teach during these difficult times!

Nominate your teacher in this week’s Quad Cities below, which is powered by Nothing Bundt Cake and the Quad Cities #1 hit the B100 music station!

Thank you for nominating your favorite teacher for the position of QC Teacher of the Week, powered by Nothing Bundt Cake And the b 100!

See photos of our amazing teachers who won Teacher of the Week in Spring 2022 below!

QC Teacher of the Week Spring 2022

Congratulations to all the teachers who have been awarded the QC Teacher of the Week award for Spring 2022!

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