Polina Porizkova opens up about her ‘fear of abandonment’ in a weak message to fans

Polina Porizkova talks candidly about how her fear of abandonment affects her relationships.

On Friday, the 57-year-old model took to Instagram to share how she inadvertently caused her heartache by pushing people away.

“This is a recent realization: I have been constantly abandoned by the people I love. I am not writing this to play the victim. In some of these cases it was situational,” she captioned a photo of her reflection in the mirror. “But it got me thinking about how one might set oneself up to perpetuate what one fears most.”

Porizkova admitted that she didn’t start learning about her own patterns and defense mechanisms in relationships until she was in her fifties.

Polina Porizkova has opened up about her fear of abandonment. (Photo by Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Porizkova wrote: “My fear of abandonment makes me instead cling, and then reject the people I love. At the first hint of distance – I make sure I shut the door first so they can’t leave me.” “And it took me until my fifties to realize that.”

“Getting old is so wonderful, you can expand your heart and mind if you let it,” she concluded.

Fans of her post met with supportive messages thanking her for her transparency and comments from those who found the message relevant.

One Instagram user commented, “I do the same with people. If I feel like they’re leaving, I leave them first.” “I didn’t realize that until I was in my fifties too. It’s very hard to deal with abandonment issues.”

Another wrote “So beautiful and so wise. Thank you for sharing. You really are an inspiration. Beautiful inside and out.”

“I appreciate you sharing your pain and hard-earned wisdom!” Another added.

“I love your openness and honesty!” One person echoed.

Another commented, “Thank you for writing this. Increasing our capacity for love is something that definitely needs to be developed. I’m grateful I saw this today.”

This is not the first time that Porizkova has been in danger with her fans. In January, she posted a lengthy post on Instagram about how many women feel “invisible” as they get older.

“I think our jagged faces and bodies are not jagged ceilings in need of repair,” she wrote. “It’s just a different kind of beauty that’s never been fully accepted or seen. It’s the lightness of summer destined for the explosion of color in fall.”

“It’s a different kind of beauty,” she added. “One to be celebrated and embraced to change. We all have personal preferences for seasons, but that doesn’t negate the beauty of both. It’s up to us, brothers, to salute each other so the others catch up.”

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