Police say a pedestrian hit NYC hit and run

A Queens mother was fighting for her life Sunday after a stolen truck crushed her among parked cars – leaving her young daughter screaming for her mother in the street.

The Mother’s Day horror unfolded around 8:30 a.m. in southern Jamaica when the out-of-control driver collided with a car while making a turn on 167th Street and 120th Avenue, seriously injuring the 49-year-old woman. , the authorities said.

“Mom! Mommy!,” the woman’s daughter was heard screaming at the footage obtained by The Post.

The video shows the mother being left motionless on the ground between the cars as neighbors rush to call 911.

The family said the woman, who her relatives said was Florence Ngo, is in critical condition at a Jamaica hospital and is not expected to survive.

The victim was shot on 167th Street and 120th Avenue in southern Jamaica.

“The doctors are basically saying they don’t want to give us false hope,” said her niece, who asked to be identified as Nina B, 29.

She told The Post, “They came to my uncle and told him what he wanted to happen now was up to him because we saw what it was like and we see for ourselves that things look horrible.”

“He told the doctor, please keep fighting,” Ninina said. “My aunt is a very strong woman. She is a strong, strong-willed lady and a strong-hearted person. Please keep fighting for her until she gives up,” he said.

Ninina said doctors struggled to stop the bleeding, and that some blood vessels were “completely damaged beyond repair.”

The hit and run scene.
The truck hit the victim around 8:30 a.m.

When asked about the hit-and-run driver who let her aunt break down in the street, she described him as “inhuman”.

“I understand people might panic out of nowhere, but the way he went about it,” she said. “He hit my cousin’s car first and that’s why my aunt came down to see what’s going on.

“So, he’s trying to escape and he’s trying – all this to me is very inhumane,” added Ninina. “I do not understand that.”

Neighbors who witnessed the car attack were shocked.

A hit-and-run victim, Florence Ngo is seen in a Facebook photo confirmed by her relatives.
The woman, who her relatives said was Florence Ngo, is in critical condition at a Jamaica hospital and is not expected to survive.

“We went like, ‘You hit the car,’” said a neighbor who was in turn but was not seriously injured. “Suddenly the silver car hit there… the silver car hit us. She got back into the green car, and fell. Couldn’t get up fast enough.

“She stuck her head on the bumper,” added the man, who was named only as Sean.

He said the driver was arguing with a woman inside the truck cab.

Her family said the victim is a mother of four from Nigeria who works as a nurse in a nursing home called Silver Crest.

a truck.
Police are looking for a white Ford F-550 truck.

The video of the accident, released by a bystander, shows the truck crashing into several cars while people on the street, including the injured mother, were trying to stop him.

A man filming the scene can be heard saying, “Oh my God, this car crashes into all these cars, brother.”

Then the truck collided with a silver car from behind, pushing it into the mother who was crossing between her and another vehicle.

He said, “Oh my God,” before shouting, “No!”

The video shows that the heavy truck, a Ford F-550 with the words Power Builders written on its door, took off on the street.

person under the car.
The victim was taken to a Jamaica hospital in critical condition.

Police sources said the Elmhurst-based construction company had stolen the car two hours before the accident. Police said she was found about a mile and a half away on 108th Avenue and 164th Place.

The company could not be reached for comment on Sunday.

“It was horrific and it happened in front of the daughter on Mother’s Day,” a police source said. “You never recover from that. When Mother’s Day comes around, that’s how she’ll remember her mom. That’s awful.”

The source added, “I felt sad watching this video.”

Neighbor Robert Brown said he was asleep when the accident happened.

“She’s a very nice lady,” he said of the injured woman. “I used to see her every morning because I was going swimming when she came home. She worked the nights, she was a nurse.”

He said the family lived next door to him for six or seven years.

“This is terrible,” he said. “it’s so bad.”

Additional reporting by Kevin Sheehan and JN Miller

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