Paul Ince outlines non-negotiables in Reading FC permanent manager negotiations prior to owner meeting

Championship - Hull City vs Reading

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Championship – Hull City vs Reading

Interim reading director Paul Ince said he needs the club’s approval of how he wants the club to be structured if he is to take on the permanent role at the Select Car Leasing Stadium, speaking to

The 54-year-old first arrived in Berkshire back in February and managed to get the points needed to keep the royals off the streak while they secured the championship for another season, something that could be considered a miracle given how doomed they are. Under the leadership of his predecessor Velko Paunovich.

However, the upcoming period appears to be even tougher for the royal family with several key players out of contract, and the club limited in what they can offer them due to the tight financial constraints of the business plan they agreed with the Premier League last year.

With this said, there could be a mass exodus in the coming months and that leaves Ince or his potential successor a tremendous amount of work to do in Berkshire’s quest to be competitive during the 2022/23 campaign.

The ex-England international’s job would be much more difficult without a director of football at Select Car Leasing – and he hasn’t even been able to start summer preparations because his future is uncertain at this point.

One thing is for sure though, the fact that Ince wants to make major changes at the club if he wins the long-term top position – and has specified that he is non-negotiable as he prepares for talks with owner Dai Yongge over his future. .

He said: “The club has to agree on the same path I’m doing with the chassis.

“Next year will be tough with the ban and all the players out of their contract. There is a lot of work in the summer before the pre-season starts.

“Things have to be put into planning quickly. If there is a culture and mentality of siege that will be fine but I will address that once I know what to do.”


Simply put, the director of football has to be in place this summer if he is to be successful as that will help take the pressure off Ince at the start of pre-season and later when he needs to focus on his current players.

The ex-Liverpool man’s job would be very difficult if he didn’t have that man in place – which is where owner Day needs to rise to the occasion and agree to a date with someone like Brian McDermott who would likely be a good fit for the role.

Not only does McDermott know the club from the inside out as well as he once did – his experience of scouting, running the reserve team and being head coach must have given him an idea of ​​how to run a football club.

If the situation improves off the field, it is likely that things on the field will start to improve as well. Things won’t improve dramatically overnight – but having a structure in place is a start which is why Ince is right to make it non-negotiable.

If there’s no structure in place, it will make Ince’s job to run the team nearly impossible, so it will be interesting to see if the owner agrees with the 54-year-old and if they give him the job permanently.


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