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Fairmont – The Fairmont Park Board of Directors heard a list of facility updates required at both the Sylvania Park Bundshall and Lincoln Park Shelter during their meeting Tuesday. The updates were determined by a recent assessment by Wold Architect and Engineers that looked at a number of the city’s structures.

Matt Efteland of Wold gave a virtual show that specifically touched on the Sylvania Park Bandshell and Lincoln Park Shelter.

He shared that the Sylvania Park Bandshell was originally built in 1926 and that improvements were made in the 1990s and early 2000s, but it’s been a while since any major work has been done.

“Roofs, gutters, and drainpipes are all in poor condition,” Aftland said.

The paint is also peeling off, the wood is rotten and the plaster needs a few touch ups. Electrical panels and exterior lighting were identified as outdated and there was a need to provide more accessible parking booths.

Eftland said replacing the roof has been identified as priority number one.

The estimated cost of the project to pursue all recommended repairs and improvements is $430,000.

However, to follow code requirements only, degraded items such as the roof, gutters, wood trim, stucco, and electrical panels would be $164,000.

Moving to the Lincoln Park Asylum, Eftland said it was built in 1937 but has seen a great deal of alterations since then. However, there are still a number of problems including the lack of accessible parking spaces.

Other concerns include cracked foundation walls. The windows and entry door are in poor condition too. The basement is also unfinished and in poor condition and there is only a gas fireplace but the building lacks insulation.

Efteland said they are recommending a number of repairs including window replacement, foundation restoration and repair, and floor insulation replacement. A new oven and HVAC system are also recommended.

The project cost to pursue all recommended repairs and improvements would be $302,500 while addressing only code requirements and degraded items such as windows, foundation and insulation would be $158,000.

Board member Monica Schilgren wondered if there were so many historical structures left that Nimers said no. Board member Jodi Whitmore asked if they had flattened and rebuilt it, if it could be done on the same site. Namers said it could be reconstructed on the same site.

Efteland has provided loose figures on how much it will cost to build a new structure but it depends on what all will be included for the kitchen and other features.

Because the presentation was supposed to be useful to the board, Nemmers told them to think about the proposals before the next board meeting.

“There are a lot of projects out there and we have to decide as a group which ones we want to focus on because there is not enough money for all of these projects,” Nimr said.

In other news, in Parks and Street Manager, and Nick Lardy’s absence, Tigers provided an update to the parks.

He said they met with a lighting vendor to bring the lights to Veterans Park and that they have been budgeted for in 2022. They are also looking at pricing for shade structures to be placed in Veterans Park even though estimates are higher than budgeted.

Vermont’s director of education and entertainment, Stephanie Bussian, also provided a positive update and said she’s in full swing for the summer. She said they partnered with LiveFit for gymnastics programs and that all four programs were full.

Busiahn also shared that they had 87 kids signed up for T-ball this season, but only four dads signed up for training so they needed to look for volunteers.

55 students participate in the Summer Reading Program. They’ve partnered with Vermont Elementary School to recruit for the program, blending in with the summer school.

In addition to this partnership, we are partnering with the Summer Playground Program,” Bossian said.

For this program, there are about 70 students enrolled, which is a significant increase from previous years.

“There are some growing pains but it’s nice to see the kids outside using the parks,” Busiahn said.

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