Oxford warehouse is for sale and you can live in it

A huge former warehouse is built for sale in Oxford but instead of working in it, you can live in it.

The warehouse on Green Street is marketed by Savills for £1,695,000 and is located on 7,575 square feet.

The warehouse is the former home of the Green Street Bindery, bookbinders, and other memo restorers.

Photo: Savills

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Nowadays, the warehouse is a unique contemporary space for two detached homes, which come with secure parking spaces.

The building is described as having a minimalist industrial look with a red brick exterior and dark aluminum windows.

This pleasant exterior hides the large space inside the Savills which is referred to as a ‘blank canvas’ offering ‘total freedom for interior design’.

Oxford Post: Photo: SavillsPhoto: Savills

There is plenty of natural light to play with in the building, which comes from the glass roof panels and windows at either end of the building.

The huge interior space is spread over two floors and consists of a ground floor space with a studio space on the first floor at one end.

Oxford Post: Photo: SavillsPhoto: Savills

The ground floor is open to cornices with wooden and steel frames and trusses.

Both units have separate pedestrian entrance and off road garage with secure indoor parking.

Oxford Post: Photo: SavillsPhoto: Savills

The existing interior walls are studded, so reconfiguring the existing space will be easy for the buyer.

Both units also have separate title deeds and services are provided separately.

ground floor unit

The ground floor currently contains a kitchen, utility room, shower room, WC, two bedrooms (one with an en-suite bathroom) and boot room.

The remainder of the space is an open plan which Savills describes as containing “unlimited options,” such as the opportunity to create additional loft space.

There is a pedestrian front door and large wooden doors that open outward to allow secure off-street parking at the front of the building in an area separated by an internal shutter.

Oxford Post: Photo: SavillsPhoto: Savills

first floor unit

The first floor is accessed through its own front door and roller shutter which gives access to the garage with parking for one car on the ground floor.

Then a wide open treaded metal staircase rises to the first floor. It is currently used as a studio apartment with open plan kitchen/living/sleeping space with shower room.

There is a storage room outside the parking area and a door that connects to the ground floor unit.

Oxford Post: Photo: SavillsPhoto: Savills

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