Our review of the Bissell Wet & Dry Electric Mop & Mop

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the mission …

To find out if the Bissell CrossWave Maxx Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop is All-in-One Wet and Dry ($399.99An effective two-in-one product that really gets the cleaning job done.

Straight A in…

  • facilitates. This is a two-in-one product so you can vacuum and mop at the same time. If you have a pet that falls (or likes to make a mess), it cleans up hair or accidents quickly. And the fact that it’s cordless makes the cleaning session easier and faster, which we love.

  • cleverness. You can use it on floors, linoleum, wood, tile, and rugs – wet, dry, fine, even both at the same time for a deeper clean. We especially love it for carpet spills, too. When you’re ready to switch from carpet to laminate flooring, all you have to do is click a button. There’s also a lever on the handle that deposits additional cleaning solution on a specific surface if your space seems to be getting dirtier.

  • Smart features. The vacuum cleaner can be linked to the Bissell app so you can keep track of battery life and when to replace your filter, formula, and brush. It also has an instruction hub, so you don’t have to stick to a paper guide. In addition, the machine features a self-cleaning feature while in its charging base to help keep the vacuum cleaner’s brush head in good condition.

room for growth…

  • Suction power. While the cleaning was effective, we found that occasionally switching between wet and dry settings on one surface made it difficult to pick up debris. For example, our editor scanned hardwood and then tried using the dry vacuum setting and found it difficult for the machine to pick up debris from an already wet surface. It took a few passes to get the job done.

  • Device maintenance. Ironically, cleaning the Bissell after use has more steps than using a broom to mop floors. After the self-cleaning cycle, our editor had to take apart the parts, hand wash them and let them dry before assembling again.

  • cost. At $399.99, it’s not cheap — although you do get a mop and vacuum cleaner in one.

  • Required accessories. You must use Bissell cleaning solution with the device. In the starter package, you get four 8-ounce samples and a few go a long way. but still other product You will need to purchase down the line.

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Works well with…

  • Those who love new, clean floors but don’t want to spend hours using multiple machines and products to get them.

  • Parents and pet owners alike thanks to its ability to clean hair and mess quickly.

  • Everyone is tired of wires getting tangled up when cleaning. 30 minutes of wireless battery life = a hassle-free win.

Get extra credit for…

  • At 10 x 10.25 x 45.5 inches, the tool and its nifty charging base are a must-have for cupboards.

  • Two-Tank Technology (one tank in the back of the vacuum contains the solution and one tank in the front of the vacuum holds any dirty water and debris that gets caught) so you never clean with dirt or grime.

  • You can buy all different types of specialized cleaning solutions. From one for pet And the general sterilization for one for multi surface And the Wood FloorThere is something for all your needs.

  • Every purchase from Bissell supports their foundation To rescue homeless pets in need.

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How we did our duty…

  • One Skimm HQ’r cleaned her apartment with a Bissell vacuum over the course of several weeks. She’s used it on multiple surfaces—from tiles in her bathrooms to hardwood and rugs in her bedroom and living room. I used the vacuum cleaner in depth And the Fast cleaning in both mop and vacuum settings. She was aware of how clean her space ended up being, how much suction she used, how many passes over one surface she needed to do in order to pick up all the debris, and how long the assembly and general maintenance of the machine took.


  • $399.99, Bissell

  • Starter kits come with four sample size bottles of the corresponding cleaning formulas and two replaceable brush rollers

  • 30 minutes of cordless cleaning on a rechargeable battery

  • Safe to use on everything from tile and linoleum to wood floors and carpet

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